Bankside Tibits

I have blogged a few times about my trips to Heddon Street’s Tibits but never before have I visited their newer Bankside restaurant, so thought it a good time to try it out whilst trying to eat healthily and for some new salad and recipe ideas (this place is a great one for finding new ideas).

I loved the layout, with an ‘afternoon conservatory’ out the back of the restaurant, with royal blue comfy chairs to sit in and a wonderful feeling of ‘relaxation whilst you dine’, I was so happy to have ventured to this branch.

The food as always was exceptional – for those of you who don’t know what Tibits is, its a restaurant with a self-serve idea centred around vegetarian and vegan food with a great selection of hot and cold food, you simply grab a plate (or box if you are taking your food away, fill it with the foods you like from the copious choices and then head on over to the pay. Your plate will be weighed and you are charged accordingly, this is also where you will be able to get your drinks.

I ordered a Tutti Fruitti which in my opinion is one of the best juice combos I have tasted to date with orange, apple, pear, kiwi, banana and sea buckthorn syrup, this is one I would definitely recommend when visiting! I also had a Caramel iced coffee, which was a complete joy for my sore throat.

In terms of what was on our plates, we had quite a feast with so many delicious options it was hard to stop adding to my plate, but I had so many delicious elements when I had finished,I was not sorry that I kept going and anyway, as most of their food is pretty healthy, it’s a guilt-free lunch, right?


Wakame is one of my favourite things to eat, so their wakame noodle salad went straight on the plate, followed by brussel sprouts, which I never eat, but somehow I was feeling brave and actually really liked the way that had been cooked with ginger. Their dreamy, creamy mash potato was addictive and I could have eaten more and more of this, in fact, I did eat a fair amount!

Baba Ganoush was obviously on my plate as well as their crispy falafel and lots of other salads, as well as aubergine, curried cauliflower and olives. It was a feast fit for a piglet and I absolutely loved it.IMG_20180210_211900_162.jpg

Plant Based Pooh Bear had never been to Tibits before but he loved the food also, with samosa, falafel and sweetcorn teaming up with Baba Ganoush on his plate. alongside carrots and cucumber salad and chunky sweet potato wedges! His plate was slightly less stacked than my plate but he loved it all the same.

This is a fantastic place to take your friends, especially fussy eaters because they can choose exactly what they want to eat and you can enjoy your favourites too! The staff are so great and it really is great to go and get some inspiration for dinner ideas too!

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