Zing Zing for Dinner

It can be extremely difficult as a vegan to order vegan food to be delivered from a non-vegan take away sometimes because without the obvious signage on the menu to let you know it is vegan, it can be hard to tell what veggie dishes are vegan and aren’t. That is why I like the menu from Zing Zing as it is clear what dishes are vegan and which aren’t and they have some wonderful vegan options, that can be delivered straight to your door!


Starting with Siu Mai style sweet potato dumplings, cooked perfectly with a hint of coriander, these were a delicious and perfect start to a vegan treat, I eat dumplings regularly and these were scrumptious, would order these again!


My favourite dish of the meal was the Firecracker Cauliflower which consisted of yummy coated cauliflower, glazed in a sweet and spicy sauce with onions, peppers and dry red chillis, this was my favourite because I love spicy food and although this was not overly spicy it had a great kick of heat and well-balanced sweetness to make this a very tasty cauliflower dish, indeed.


The sweet and sour tofu was an oldie but goodie and cooked very well, the tofu had a nice texture to it and the sauce was rich and thick, perfect for dunking the dumplings in! Served with the original vegan Chinese dish – seaweed, which was I absolutely love and always eat the whole serving, because I convince myself it is creating a ‘balanced’meal no matter how much I eat!

Rounding the meal off nicely with some steamed brown rice to compliment the other dishes. Overall I was really impressed with this meal, not only was it great to know that the menu clearly listed the vegan options but also they are good quality dishes with plenty to choose from which means I can order from them a fair few times without getting bored and I can take my time picking my favourites. I would definitely recommend trying them if you are wanting some good food without the washing up!




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