Marvelous Monkey Nuts

Arriving in Monkey Nuts on a Friday night it was clear to see that this thriving eatery was the place to be! It was pretty busy with a great vibe inside and I for one was very much looking forward to eating some of their vegan options.


Starting with a wonderful drink, that I am told often sells out because it is that popular the Hibiscus Iced tea, with green tea, beetroot, hibiscus, cranberry and mint, a very refreshing drink to aid my journey through the vegan eats!


I had been wanting a good hearty salad for quite a while and their Chef’s Market salad seemed like a great choice, with a number of my favourites such as artichokes, beetroot, quinoa and avocado along with roasted tomatoes, cucumber and grated carrot all with a fresh and zingy French dressing, this was a great salad, which was pretty filling, though I did order some sweet potato fries on the side as I just could not resist!


Now, I don’t know about you but for me, whenever there is a sign of ‘cashew cheese’ on the menu, I have to try it and when that cashew cheese is slathered over a vegan Burrito that just so happens to be filled with brown rice, black beans, yummy veggies and avocado and topped with pickled red onions, I mean, you’d have a good job dissuading me from trying this! I am so glad that I tried it, it was beyond delicious and with extra sweet potato fries with this dish too, just for good measure.


After feeling completely full from devouring every morsel of both plates and sides, it was best that I concluded the meal with a smoothie – in the name of healthy eating and all! The Monkey Rise was suggested to me to try and I was not disappointed with strawberries, banana and orange it was a pretty little smoothie perfect for ending a lovely meal of indulgent vegan food, a place I will definitely be returning too with some of my non-vegan friends and persuading them to try the burrito!!

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