Tasty Tootoomoo

Having seen that Tootoomoo had a vegan menu that had quite a few dishes to get tasting, I decided to head down and try out some for myself. Crouch End is one of my favourite places in London and so this is where I went to try out their vegan goodies. The restaurant itself was very nice, with dimly lit decor for a romantic feast, this is the perfect place to go with your loved one for Valentines! Romance was set aside for the evening though on our visit as we were in serious ‘foodie’ mode and this meant, eating as many vegan dishes as we could possibly manage, I have to say we didn’t do too badly, before I waffle any longer, let me start with what we had to drink…

I happily sipped my non-alcoholic ‘Cinderella’ which was a mocktail made of orange, pineapple, grenadine, cranberry and tonic water, this was a great combination and reminding me of an 8-year-old Piglet me on holiday, sipping my grenadine based drinks, thinking all the adults thought it was alcohol, (cool from a young age, obviously!) I have really been enjoying non alcoholic cocktails recently and this one was on the list of tasty ones I have had to date.


To kick off the meal, my favourite – edamame, graced our table, not for long, as I have a high-speed demolition rate of these and I was on form for this bowl. Needless to say, they were rather good.


Followed by Kappa Maki, cucumber maki rolls, with soy and pickled ginger and I go wasabi for an extra kick, this was a great starter, as they were fresh and light and very tasty.


With the Kappa Maki, we also had their vegan spring rolls, which were delicious! I love spring rolls and I actually burnt my mouth on these, but I am shamelessly going to admit – it was worth it! They were scrumptious!


For mains, I was certain I needed a noodle dish, as I have been eating a lot of rice at home and wanted to switch things up a bit and I am so glad that I did because the Bun Chay, a lemongrass tofu and tofu dish with vermicelli rice noodles with sweet chilli sauce and the freshness of lime juice to zing around your mouth, made a welcomed contribution to the plethora of mains we were about to indulge in!


Along with this a gorgeous Thai Green Curry complete with lychee, yes lychee and veggies, this was such a lovely curry and the lychee really was a nice addition,admittedly I did not see that they were in the dish when looking at the menu, so it was a surprise and a good one at that! This went well with a little bit of rice just to add a starchy aspect to the silky smooth coconutty curry.


Finally, on the mains we had the Szechuan Tofu, one of my favourite dishes and Tootoomoo made this very well, with a good amount of crunch from the cashews and the sauce giving great flavour with a hint of heat to the tofu and vegetable – perfect.


For dessert, we had a refreshing mango sorbet which was a nice end to a wonderful vegan epicurean adventure!


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  1. Amanda Reid says:

    It is one of my favourite restaurants in London. The food quality is awesome and the atmosphere is delighting. Never miss having a bite if going to that side in London.


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