Humble Heirloom

Seeing as Crouch End is one of my favourite places in London and I have such fond memories of the area from growing up, it is always nice for me to eat around this area and when the food is as good as I tasted at Heirloom, it is a pleasure to spend an evening there even more.

Heirloom is a very romanticly themed restaurant with the option or dark or light setting seating as well as its intimate and relaxed atmosphere this is a restaurant perfect for those special occasions. Emerging through the curtains to present myself inside this quaint eatery, immediately my ears stood to attention as they had found the vinyl player in the corner off the restaurants, playing some gems as the night proceeded, from Chic to Gregory Isaacs, this was a cool place to eat.


So, eat I did and their vegan menu was rather special, it had definitely been well thought out and good flavour combinations were evident from the starter, which was charred cauliflower with roasted onions on a rich Romanesco sauce with smoked almonds and thyme. The cauliflower was slightly al dente which worked so well with the bite of the almonds and the romanesco sauce rounded the plate of nicely.

As I am currently really enjoying non-alcoholic cocktails, I asked if they could make me a sour mocktail of their choice and they came back with their take on a Margherita with lime, apple juice and their own cardamom cordial that was a lovely drink to sip between courses as it was so refreshing!


The main was a very scrumptious one, this dish is one of the best mains I have had in a long time, with saffron potatoes being the main element, served on incredible Baba Ganoush (one of my all-time favourite things to eat!), they had made this perfectly with just the right amount of bitterness and the exact amount of creaminess, this was a triumph, topped with chicory, fennel and another one of my faves…aubergine. This was a dish to remember and I could eat this over and over again, it was the perfect combination of textures and flavours and that is why it is one of the best. I would urge you to try it.


They had not finished spoiling us yet, as the dessert was something of epicureans dream too. Being vegan it is often the case that sorbet is the dessert choice on the menu and I have had my fair share of sorbets, however, I have never had Granny Smith sorbet and my word, was it good, made even better with the poached pear and granola that it was served with, this is a dish of sheer genius, the pear was sweet and rich, the granola crunchy and the Granny Smith sorbet was a delight, it was so flavoursome and was such a delight, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Followed by a nice strong black coffee before ending the night at this great restaurant. I really loved the atmosphere here and they are so accommodating with a really great feeling that there is no rush to your evening, which means you can relax and enjoy the food and conversation.

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