Pleasing Pieminister

Growing up with a family from the East End of London, pie and mash is a bit of a staple in the diet of their culture, I use the word ‘their’ not ‘our’, as it wasn’t so much for me, even when I ate meat. However, I do love pies and when I heard that Pieminister have their very own vegan pie named’Kevin’, you could bet your bottom dollar, I was going to be trying it out!

Sadly their mash isn’t vegan though I wasn’t sad about this for too long as their minted mushy peas were vegan and a nice scoop of these on top of my already delicious looking pie that was then slathered in gravy, I was ready to embrace the Eastender in me and get stuck in to a pie.

The pie was absolutely stunning, with rich red wine, supporting the flavour of the mushrooms, baby onions and thyme. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin is a tasty pie. Topped with the subtly minted mushy peas, this was a wholesome meal, perfect for a filling lunch or light dinner. Great for a quick meal, you can eat in or take away, I chose to eat in as I could not wait to taste this pie. It did not disappoint, the pastry was perfectly cooked and I would love to take my family here for them to try out these pies, as I think that this vegan pie more than holds it’s own against any other pie! I would highly suggest these to vegans and non-vegans alike!



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