Pho-nomenal Pho

Before I even get into the food, I must mention how wonderful the staff are here, despite it being a very busy Friday night, manager Zoe and her team were extremely attentive and helpful and added to the experience in this fantastic restaurant.

On to the good stuff – food! There are plenty of items on the menu for vegans to feast on and having tried the majority I am confident in saying that no matter what you order you are guaranteed to have a great time!


Starting with Gỏi cuốn which is rice paper summer rolls with herbs, vermicelli and pickle, served with the most delicious peanut sauce these are a must for anyone who visits, they taste so fresh and light, perfect for the start of a meal.


For mains, we had the Cà-ri curry, which is possibly the best curry I have ever had with a rich coconut based sauce that worked so well with the tofu, mushrooms and vegetables, topped with nuts to give it more texture. The flavours of this curry were sensational, the amount of depth running through it will have me talking about this for months. Served with a delicious helping of rice this is a dish that will keep you wanting more and more, in fact, I will be ordering this every time I visit in future. This is a must try for 2018!


The Rau muống xào was a recommended side that is very simple, consisting of stir-fried water spinach with plenty of garlic. It works as the perfect side though, as the flavours are delicate but add a nice touch to the meal.


Now, obviously, I couldn’t visit Pho without trying one of their much talked about Phở’s which I am told is pronounced like ‘fur’, rather than the restaurant name ‘Pho’ being pronounced ‘foe’, (just for a bit of handy knowledge there!). The Pho nấm rơm is a noodle soup with enoki, shiitake and button mushrooms but we ordered it with additional tofu because we love tofu and it wouldn’t be right to not include it.

The soup was amazing, as I would imagine it to be, the noodles were perfectly cooked, the broth was bold and full of rich flavours and served with a side of herbs and chilli to add to the mix, to appease your own personal taste buds, I added some of the herbs but was already pretty happy with the fragrant taste of the delectable soup. I ate this until I could eat no more.


Taking regular food breaks was a must as I didn’t want to miss any of the glorious food, but found time to sip on my Phojito made from Nếp Phú Lộc  a clear rice spirit, mint, lime and soda, it was a very refreshing drink to sip between bites, tasty too!


All in all, an extremely memorable evening, eating exceptional food with great serving and very tasty cocktails, this is somewhere that you will enjoy too most definitely be wanting to try every single vegan item, perfect for veganuary as this is a restaurant that shows just how versatile vegan food is and indeed how tasty! I am in love with their food and will be visiting regularly!

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