Indulgent Umame

Open from October 2017, Umame is a gorgeous Pan- Asian restaurant in Hampton Wick, with a great choice of decor and a wonderful vegan menu, it was only a matter of time before I was going to have to try it out.


I really liked that they had non-alcoholic cocktails that were delicious with lots of flavour and lots of healthy ingredients, I opted for the matcha green tea and apple mojito, which was delicious with lime and mint as well as a well-balanced amount of matcha green tea powder and apple juice with plenty of ice. The ultimate designated driver drink, which looked so sophisticated I was rather proud to sip on this choice of drink.


For starter I had tempura tofu, which was so crispy and well seasoned with a mushroom broth to die for, the broth came on the side and was then poured over the dish at the table – (Master Chef style). The broth was exquisite, one of the best I have tasted in a long time, it was big and bold in flavour and unapologetic with its depth, which I for one was not complaining about. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the starter and was eager to try the main.


On the menu there is an option for tapioca and potato fritters but I was offered the edamame fritters instead and my love for edamame is strong, so I opted for these, served on a bed of noodles that had the perfect amount of spice for me. It was very filling but in a good way, where when I got to the end I felt I had eaten a wealth of healthy food.


At the end of the meal I could not eat a dessert, which is rare for me, I know but I did enjoy a lovely black coffee. I had a wonderful evening here with great company and delicious food,this is a restaurant well worth trying with vegan options to satisfy your taste buds and drinks to quench your thirst, so you can carry on chatting all night, the lovely staff make the dining experience seamless a place I would go to again and again…and again.


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