Nanny Bill’s Brilliant Burgers

I popped into Nanny Bill’s on Kingsland Road last week to try out their vegan burgers and I was not disappointed. Although they are not a vegan restaurant, they have two very different vegan burgers to offer and they have really thought about their vegan options.

Both were delicious and I would definitely go back for these burgers with my non-vegan friends just to show off how delicious vegan food can be. The location of this restaurant is pretty awesome too, with 70’s disco music creating a great atmosphere, this is a perfect place if you want to have a laugh with your loved ones while eating some delicious vegan burgers.

The first of the two vegan burgers was ‘The Lula’, pink onions, grilled pineapple, hot sauce and vegan cheese all on a quinoa and black bean patty, served with some delicious rosemary and salt fries. This was a tasty burger, the patty worked so well with the cheese and the pineapple, the hot sauce gave it a kick of heat and the pink onions even more flavour and texture.

The second vegan burger is was ‘The Garden’, this time the black bean and quinoa patty, with caramelised onions, a very flavoursome avocado houmous, super fresh lettuce and a bold gherkin relish. This burger was served with a very healthy portion of sweet potato fries. Every flavour and texture in this burger worked well together, I loved the avocado houmous with the relish it was a welcomed contrast of flavours.

Both burgers were served with Nanny Bills vegan burger sauce, which was slightly addictive and perfect for dipping. I thoroughly enjoyed both burgers and thought they brought something new to the table. I will be going back with my friends and urging them to try these delicious vegan burgers!

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