Tremendous Theo’s Pizzeria

Situated in Camberwell, Theo’s pizzeria is a very nice restaurant indeed, very intimate perfect for couples, though I also saw families and solo eaters alike enjoying their time here. The design and decor of the restaurant are gorgeous and immediately inviting.

Obviously, I got involved with all things vegan, starting with a San Pellegrino lemon drink and an orange flavour as well. We had two pizzas to share and a garlic bread which is also vegan for ‘the middle of the table’. This was a good tear and share bread, which was very garlicky, just how I like it!

For the pizzas, we both chose to customise ones on the menu, which extra toppings that we love, the base of the pizza is vegan without cheese so you can add as many vegan toppings as you want from their menu, they have onions, olives, cherry tomatoes, rocket, aubergine, mushrooms, leeks and chillies.

I had toppings of mushrooms, olives and aubergine, which had a good depth of flavour and a decent base which was nice. I really liked this combination as they are all my favourite foods, the mushrooms, in particular, were delicious and if I went back I think I would order a double serving of these on top as I thought they were yummy!

The other pizza we had was topped with plenty of rocket, with onions and garlic, a fairly simple pizza but very tasty and I like the taste of fresh rocket on a pizza, it allows me to fool myself that I am being slightly healthier when eating two pizzas!

If you are ever in this neighbourhood and are looking for a great place to eat, then Theos is sure to have something on the menu to fill you up!

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