Mooshies Madness!

I have heard so much about Mooshies and their incredible vegan burger, (they are all vegan), so when I went to try their festive burger ‘The Nutcracker’made with lentil, onions, flax, sage and mushroom patty with crispy onions, peanut butter and cranberry mayo , I think it is fair to say, I was rather looking forward to it!


I couldn’t just try one burger so decided to try a ‘Pulled Mooshie’, which is a comprised of pulled jackfruit, with their own bbq sauce and some great coleslaw. This was without a shadow of a doubt the best pulled jackfruit burger I have ever had! It was so that every morsel that fell out the burger into the basket it was servedin, I ate, I was not about to let any of this slip away.


As for the Festive Special – ‘The Nutcracker’, this was a treat that I just could not imagine before tasting, I mean, who puts peanut butter in a burger? A genius, that’s who!It worked with the cranberey mayo as a kind of peanut butter and jelly combo, it was absolutely incredible.The patty was delicious and so full of every flavour that was put into it, you could really taste each individual element and it was the taste of Christmas, though I am hoping they keep this on the menu all year round as it was delectable!

If you are ever in the Brick Lane area and fancy a burger that’s a little different, then Mooshies is definitely the place to try!

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