Always, Vegan Yes

Vegan Yes is a vegan Korean and Italian fusion restaurant situated down London’s famous Brick Lane, which I just had to try because the reviews have been so great. Before I start to break down what I ate, I would also like to point out that owner Mauro is such a lovely guy with a great ambition to promote healthy food that is so different to anything I have had before, working the fusion of Italian food and Korean food so well. This is one of my must-try restaurants of 2018.


We began with some delicious lightly toasted bread that had been brushed with garlic and some of Mauro’s family extra virgin olive oil, so simple yet so tasty and a good indication of the quality of foods to come.


We then moved on to the ‘ToppoGnocchi’, made with gnocchi and topokki in a tomato and spicy fermented paste. I am a big fan of gnocchi, obviously, the Italian element of the dish but have not tried topokki, the Korean element, which was absolutely fantastic, it had a similar texture to gnocchi but added something a little different to the plate and the tomato and fermented paste coating was divine!


With a delicious moringa tea, that is great for aiding digestion which came in handy as the night progressed!


No time to rest, I was on a mission to try out Vegan Yes’ best eats, so next was the ‘Healthy Potato’ a dish I had heard a lot about and was probably the most excited to try, it was a fantastic dish that had been adapted from a homely snack to a delicious plate of healthy food, with a layer of rice being topped with a sweet potato and topped with raw seaweed and then some extra virgin olive oil, a good splash of soy sauce and some roasted white sesame seeds. It looks gorgeous when it came to the table and the flavour combinations on this dish were superb. It was one of this dishes were I almost felt cleansed when eating it. Will definitely be popping in for this again soon.


Last but definitely not least on the savoury front was the immensely flavoursome Kimchi Bibimbap, steamed rice on a bed of spinach served with red, purple and green and yellow kimchi, topped with spring onions and roasted black and white sesame seeds. What is not to love about this dish? The red kimchi was a pickled red cabbage, the yellow pickled daikon and turmeric, the green pickled cabbage, mint and spirulina and the red was pickled chilli cabbage, all were so different in flavour and delicious with the rice. With the idea of this dish and I do believe the translation to mean, to mix with the rice. This was super filling but very delicious, which meant every time I said I could not eat anymore, I had to!


Like a true professional, I made room for dessert and I am so glad I did, starting with the chocolate mousse that was truly ambrosial, rich, creamy and of course smooth, this was served with some toasted white sesame seeds on top which added a nice textural contrast.


If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that I went crazy for their Mochi, which is a rice ball with a  red bean paste centre coated in dark chocolate. I have never had one of these before, but as soon as I bit in to it, I was absolutely in love and obsessed, they are beyond delicious, these are the kind of things I would eat every day, but I don’ want to take them for granted and become tired of them because I want to enjoy them for the rest of my life! That is how good these are! I would suggest heading down there for these if you have a sweet tooth and want to try something new!


Finishing off this amazing dining experience with some butterfly pea tea, a flower grown in Thailand that has many health benefits including reduction of inflammation, it is packed full of antioxidants.


I would highly recommend Vegan Yes, to anyone who wants to experience different foods, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this food, but they may have just converted you by the time you leave!

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