Relaxing Rehab Cafe

Walking into Rehab cafe, I instantly felt relaxed and very warm, which in mid-December is always a good thing! As we waited for our drinks and perused the menu, we also thought a game of ‘Guess Who’ was in order, as we needed some help to bring out the inner child in us both (not). Thoroughly enjoying ourselves our time only got better when our drinks arrived an apple, grape, orange, carrot and mango juice and my oh so fancy beetroot latte which was made from beetroot powder, coconut oil, maple syrup and oat milk. It was super tasty and very pretty indeed.


We quickly finished our games to make room for our very nicely presented bowls of food. I had the Rainbow bowl, which was a colourful array of good flavours, including scrambled tofu, homemade coleslaw,  salsa, avocado, green salad, kimchi, beetroot hummus, with a lovely dressing and some toasted on the side. A super filling bowl of food, that was so tasty and I loved the different textures and flavours. It had a nice bit of spice running through the dish and the toast added a great resource for dipping and wiping the plate clean.


I did also dip into the scrambled tofu on toast, which was served with vegan mayo and some beans, a side of the homemade coleslaw and some kimchi. That was bursting with flavour and I will definitely order this when I go back next time!


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