Bold Bol Soups

Bol has started making vegan soups and they are fantastic, they are very healthy and have really gone to town with sorting out some serious flavours. They are perfect for when you want a nice warm lunch with plenty of crusty bread or a very tasty starter.

My favourite was the mushroom and miso, mainly because I absolutely adore miso and with some lovely strong flavours of mushroom, they have added some coconut to really give it some creaminess and if that was good enough, they have added some reishi powder, to give an umph of umami. It is such a delicious soup and I would be so happy to eat this whenever I want something quick and easy that I am going to enjoy! Naturally high in protein, as well as one of your five a day, you can’t really go wrong!


I also really liked the sweet potato and cauliflower soup because it was creamy with the coconut milk and the beluga lentils made it extra delicious with chunky cauliflower making it a hearty meal that filled up even me, with a fair hint of turmeric. Packed with Vitamin A which is perfect for this time of year when your immune system can do with a boost. This is also three of your five a day as well as being high in fibre.


Their third soup is a smokey tomato and lentil soup, this is a bold soup, rich with tomato with the smokey tomatoes this is a good soup to have when you want something different for lunch, especially if you dip bread with olives and sundried tomatoes in it, for an extra decadent meal, this is also three of your five a day so don’t feel too bad about the lunchtime extravagance.

If you are looking for other delicious lunches then be sure to check out my other blogs on their foods as I have been quite a fan of their lunch options for quite a while now.  So now there is no reason why you should ever have a dull lunch again.

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