Applause for Apollo Pizzeria

If I have told you once I have told you a hundred times, that I am a huge pizza fan. I used to go to an incredible pizza place in Corfu growing up, that I looked forward to visiting every time we went to the particular town, to this day that is one of my fondest memories, and pizza is something that always brings me joy. There is something about the sharing of pizza and the conversations it can provoke that I love.

So when heading to Stoke Newington’s Apollo pizzeria, I was really quite excited because I had been informed that they made their own vegan mozzarella, making it using a similar technique to how it is made traditionally. This was sure to provoke ‘foodie’ conversation that I love so much and from then learning about how this restaurant began 2years ago, I really wanted their pizzas to be good.Well, I have to say that this was probably the best pizza place we have been to in a long time, I have as fond a memory of this place as that little pizza place in Corfu.

Starting with some lovely nocellara olives, always a great way to start any meal, or day in general as far as I am concerned!


10/10 for the base, and if you know me, then you’ll know, I’m all about the base, I don’t like it too thin and I hate it too thick, it has to be somewhere on the thin side but crispy enough to hold the toppings. I am particular about this, but with a traditional oven brought all the way from Italy, roaring at over 400 degrees. a crisp base was pretty much guaranteed.


In terms of toppings, we had two pizzas, one with leeks, tomatoes and olives and the other with mixed grilled vegetables, both with the vegan mozzarella, all washed down with a San Pellegrino Grapefruit and their homemade lemonade, (which deserves a paragraph of its own so I will come back to that!)


Both pizzas were delicious, so much so that we had decided to share and swap over plates halfway through, which came about 5 minutes after starting as they were so delicious it was not difficult to devour them. The base as I have already said is the best in London, no doubt about that! The toppings were so delicious, you know from my blog that I use a lot of leeks when cooking at home but cannot recall ever having them on pizza before but it worked so well in replacement for an onion element, they added such a lovely flavour.

Their vegan mozzarella was divine! It definitely caused great conversation we could not believe how good their vegan cheese, though the conversation stopped frequently to eat more of the pizza and resumed in ‘food breaks’. These are great pizzas, exactly how I would like mine, both in the topping and in the base and for a pedantic person such as myself it was a triumph, as I rarely find a pizza that ticks all the boxes let alone 2!


Returning to my favourite thing in the whole wide world and if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that is real lemonade. I order this whenever it is on the menu, in a bid to find the ones that make me go ‘ooh!’, it has to be the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and ultimately refreshing. Apollo’s homemade lemonade was beautiful, it was refreshing yes, with a not too sweet, not too sour balance and it made me love this place even more than I already did.

If you are sick and tired of trial and error pizza scouting in London, I would highly recommend Apollo’s for that perfect slice of pizza perfection! Don’t forget to order yourself their homemade lemonade and you can thank me later!

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