Miraculous Milgi

As I was passing through Cardiff last week, I thought it would only be right that I try some food at Milgi, a plant-based restaurant, I had heard ever so much about and when ready then menu, was very eager to try!

Easy to find on City Road, is this well designed, very cosy restaurant that has possibly the most friendly staff I have ever encountered, they were super nice and helpful and were able to suggest things to try from their own personal favourites, which I really liked.

I immediately ordered a raspberry lemonade as you all know, fresh lemonade is my thing and this was fab! Just what I need to refresh my mouth before the big roast dinner ahead.


Of course, I had a starter first tacos were on the menu and these weren’t your usual tacos, oh no, they were battered avocado tacos with coleslaw and an ultra zingy Marie Rose sauce, they gave the tacos a decent addition of sharpness to the exceptionally creamy avocado. These were a dream and I was very sad when I had finished them because they tasted so good!

For mains, we had decided to share the beetroot burger and the roast dinner, an offer that was politely declined on both sides once we had received our food as we both wanted to eat our own delicious serving!


I did, however, sneak a bite of the burger, just for ‘blogging purposes’ and I can tell you this was not for the faint-hearted,it had layers of flavour, from the vegan cheese to the aioli that had depth and the patty itself was singing with flavour, it was bold with beetroot and it made one great burger! This was served with a side of potato wedges that had herbs and salt making them a fine showcase of the vegan savoury world.


My roast dinner was magnificent, it was so good that I think the lovely lady serving us, was rather astonished at just how quickly I had finished my plate but my, this was a good roast. The potatoes were cooked just how I like my roast potatoes, crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, the kale was beautifully tender, the beetroot and walnut roast was so much better than any nut affiliated roast I have ever had before and the cashew cauliflower cheese was to put it briefly emotional, this was a rich cauliflower cheese, the cashew cheese was divine, it was absolutely scrumptious. Slathered on top of the beetroot and walnut roast was a carrot and swede mash that was silky smooth and sweet, all topped off with a rich gravy this was a meal to remember.

I had no room for dessert, though I did have black coffee to conclude this wonderful dining experience and I will be visiting again, whenever I am anywhere remotely near Cardiff!

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