Festive Feasting

Firstly, I am aware I am super late with this post, I apologise but hope this brings you up to speed on how unorganised I am!

Every year as a child I would be given an advent calendar on 1st December, wait until my parents weren’t looking and tear the bottom open, slide out the tray and eat all of the chocolates before taping the bottom back up again and opening each day’s door respectively, probably a sign of my eating habits to come but also a firm believer in not wasting food and so if it is there for the taking them, I am the taker!

That being said there has been a rise in vegan chocolates and with that rise came the Festive fun that would naturally follow, such as advent calendars and other chocolate goodies that signify it is Christmas time and calorie counting is just as much good as asking Santa for a mansion, so we may as well enjoy ourselves and who cares if we add a few pounds over the winter anyway, we all know we will be starting that ‘new fitness regime’ in January and we ‘mean in the time’ don’t we? So, lets go all out on the Xmas treats, starting with an advent calendar, my favourite being the So Free calendar, the chocolates in it are so good, and yes I have eaten mine already and yes, I will be buying another one, but if you love chocolate as much as I do then you will know that there is something about this kind of chocolate that is different to other chocolates and it is one of my favourite types.

So Free also do large chocolate buttons that come complete with an adorable penguin box, these are very moreish and perfect for when you are sitting down in your Xmas jumper of choice watching your Xmas film of choice. I like The Snowman, though I don’t ever remember there being a dog, as a child? Maybe that’s just me.

I will be blogging all of my favourite vegan recipes and delicious faux meat, as well as some wonderful cocktails, so do subscribe to get the latest posts. I  will be sharing some of my money saving tips too!

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