Merle’s Magic

You may remember that I have previously blogged about Merle’s Kitchen and their Turkish Delights and how wonderful they were, well they have only gone and made some extra special delights for Christmas and I  have been privileged enough to try them.


Oh my, they are good! Spice Chai Turkish delights, just scream Christmas and these are the best by far I have ever tasted.They have got the flavouring balanced perfectly, with the spiced chai tea leaves so subtly coming through and building on the palate. If you are going to treat yourself to anything over this period, then I would strongly suggest these.


They are sold in 6 and 12’s, I would suggest buying the 12 because as soon as I started on the 6, I wish I had more.They are so moreish and because they aren’t overly sweet you can just keep eating more and more, (well I can!).


These are the perfect gift for anyone, a great stocking filler, so much more thoughtful than a generic box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.They come wrapped in the cutest gold box too, which means you don’t even have to wrap them, perfect if like me you don’t have to black belt in origami, it takes to compete in fancy wrapping with your family or friends,(everyone knows a ‘fancy wrapper’).

You need to get in fast because the last orders are 14th December, so head on over to the page and place your order ASAP, because you do not want to miss out on these delicacies. They are also offering 20% discount on local order pickups, so if you are local to Lewes it may be worth emailing Merle and heading down to collect your batch, rather than waiting on the post.


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