Glorious Gone Burger

By now you should know me well enough to know, if there is a vegan burger in town then I am going to try it. Which is why I popped down to The Lexington on North London’s, Pentonville Road to try out Gone Burger‘s offerings. They have 3 vegan burgers on the menu, 2 of which I have sufficiently tasted.


The first burger I tasted was The Happy Pumpkin which I think should be renamed The Happy Piglet because sinking my teeth into this double roasted pumpkin, chilli and smoked cashew burger with not one, but two vegan kinds of cheese, cherry smoked siracha, pickled beetroot and lettuce, served on the best burger bun I have had to date, I was an exceptionally happy piglet. With this amount of flavour in a burger, it wasn’t difficult to devour it. The natural sweetness of the pumpkin in contrast to the heat of the siracha worked so well, with the beetroot bringing some zing to the table and the cheese making it just that little bit more decadent.


The second burger was art to look at and a masterpiece to eat. The Flameboy consists of a potato and chickpea fritter, with coconut sauce, tamarind, pineapple, red onions and chilli – ultimate satisfaction.The crispiness of fritter made for a delightful texture, this is a skyscraper of a burger, epic in flavour and size. The flavour combinations in this burger were superb, the tamarind with the coconut and the fruity element of the pineapple cutting through, not to mention the size of this thing,we decided to look civilised and quarter the burger before realising that there was only one way to eat this burger and it was to just go for it!


There were many people mystified by our order, I would imagine these burgers would entice vegans and non-vegans alike!These are burgers for serious foodies and so are their triple cooked chips laced with salt, paprika and tarragon. These are hands down the best chips I have ever had and I have had a lot of chips – trust me!

Another element that these guys bring to the table is their own incredible sauces, my favourite two being their chilli jam which has such a depth of flavour and worked so well with their delicious chips and their whiskey smoked BBQ sauce which was one of the best.

They are currently located at 3 locations, The Lexington as mentioned, 3 Compasses in Dalston and The Salisbury in Harringay, so whichever side of town you are, be sure to pop down and get yourself a mighty burger with some awesome fries!

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