Dinner at Dial Arch

Last night I went along to Dial Arch for my dinner and a was quite impressed with this place. The building is vast and steeped in history as it was previously an armoury and where Arsenal Football Club began.The pub is set on a single floor, though quite large and spacious, managing to keep a healthy atmosphere throughout. I particularly liked the fact there is plenty of space and tables to choose from when dining.

For starter we shared the bread with a generous serving of olives and the vegan ‘scallops’. The bread came with oil and balsamic vinegar, a basic starter but a nice one if you’re planning on sharing, after receiving the mushrooms scallops I was very upset I had agreed to share as these were one of the best things I have ever eaten.

Cleverly made from delicious Eryngii (King Oyster) mushrooms, this was so tasty, the mushrooms were served on a bed of truffled celeriac puree with crispy shallots as a topping that had a nice element of pepper through them, to give the dish some great flavour and texture, finished with a snowpea vinaigrette. I really liked this dish, I have been wanting to try mushroom ‘scallops for a while and these were so much more than I expected. I would very happily return for this starter alone.

For mains we had the Falafel burger and the Pumpkin risotto, both were very tasty. The burger was served on a ciabatta bun with chips and along with the falafel patty was peppers and a decent amount of guac. There were some good flavour combinations in going on in the bun and the texture of the falafel patty was spot on for me.

The risotto was divine, made of perfectly cooked and seasoned pearl barely with so many flavours running through this beautiful bowl of food. The pumpkin was accompanied by crispy capers which in my opinion made the dish, with the slight burst of sharp that was perfectly balanced out with the rich creaminess of the pumpkin this was a dish that I was only too happy to devour, with pine kernels adding a bit of crunch. This was exceptional risotto and an very generous portion of it too!

To finish off this meal it was sorbet time,with lemon and mango up for grabs it was impossible for me to decipher and so I ended up having a scoop of both, the mango was rich in flavour, with the sweetness of the mango present on the palate from the get-go, whereas the lemon was deep with citrus tartness and the two worked very well together as a palate cleanser and also as a tasty end to a lovely meal. This was a lovely meal, in a wonderful setting and I really must say that the staff were exceptional, the amazing lady that served us, is also vegan so was able to point us in the direction of what to go for etc and could not have been any kinder. This is somewhere I think I will be frequenting from now on.

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