Wonderful Wowo Campsite

There is something magical about yurts, they really make me feel very relaxed and immediately cosy, so when staying at The Little Owl yurt at Wowo it really was no surprise I felt immediately relaxed. Situated in the woods close to Uckfield.


The people are lovely here and really couldn’t do enough for you, it is a very relaxed vibe and I like the way they are ready to help when needed by leaving you to it, which is exactly how I like the hosts to be. Additional wood can be bought at the main reception and you can buy wifi should you require it during your stay. There are places to charge your phones etc in the main barn, which is located next to reception, there is table tennis here too and a piano, as well as lots of books. I found myself reading some cookery books and a little bit of C.S Lewis ( a childhood favourite), whilst waiting for my tablet to charge. There are plenty of sofas in here and it is a den to relax it should you want to. There is also tea and coffee making facilities here should you wish to make yourself a drink for a small charge.


Once the wood stove was roaring and the yurt was nice and warm, it was only right to make a cup of hot chocolate with the vegan marshmallows sold in their shop and relax. This is a place for complete relaxation, with a huge picnic table and fire pit outside of the yurt, should you fancy sitting by the fire with your marshmallows or telling tales around the fire, on a winter’s night.

The yurt sleeping 5, with 2 double futons and 1 single, this is a spacious yurt that has plenty of room to move around and would fit 5 generously. Bedding is provided for the main double, though you will have to provide your own for the other beds, though that and food is probably all you will have to think about as everything is thought of for you!


The yurt itself has a kitchen area with all the tableware you would need and 2 hobs with a kettle to make any drinks or food you may want during your stay. This is perfect for when you are wanting a nice bowl of soup, we had ours with crusty bread bought at the local bakery and enjoyed this at the table in the yurt, as there is no electricity in the yurt it was nice to eat dinner by candlelight, with the fire in the background.


When arriving there was a huge box full of wood for the fire enough for 2-3 days, plenty for a weekend and this was really nice to keep us going throughout our stay, there is something very wintery about having to get the fire going and keep it nice and warm, we managed to work it out so that it was just right and kept us nice and cosy during our stay. With thoughtful additions such as cute hot water bottles tucked into the sides.


There are plenty of evening walks leading to pubs and restaurants, or a half an hour drive will see you into Brighton, which is full of options for food and drink. The campsite itself is rather vast and you can have a short walk around it if you are wanting to keep things relaxed.

The toilets and showers are a short walk from the yurt and the campsite is very eco-friendly in terms of the toilets and all of their facilities in fact which is always nice. They do provide cruelty-free washing up liquid as well as cleaning products to ensure you can wash all of your plates etc. Sinks are provided by the toilet area.


The yurt had a very nice clear top, which meant we could see the outside from inside, which is a very nice concept when you are warm and cosy. This made the yurt very nice in the evening as it is a very good way to see the stars, though we did enjoy them outside too from the picnic table and this was nice also.

The shop has lots of goodies, should you have forgotten anything or fancy some booze whilst on vacation, they have locally sourced wines and I was very happy to see some Mr Organic products, as well as previously mentioned vegan marshmallows, which I think are a must for any night in a yurt.

I really enjoyed my time here, getting away from it all and think this is a great place to have a nice rest, without any interference from the outside world. This is definitely the place for those who want to turn their phones off and recharge.


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