Tolkein-esque Triumph at West Stow Pods

Arriving at West Stow Pods, we had already begun to speculate whether this place was to have a LOTR theme as the lettering on the road signs, website, etc, all seemed very similar to that of the LOTR books and films we are so very versed in.

When arriving we were met by Jan who is such a wonderful and kind human being, he has all of the knowledge of the local area of Bury St Edmunds ready to share of the top of his head, which is always useful as we are always looking for nice walks and interesting facts wherever we stay and he had all of this and more.


The pod was so lovely, complete with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and lounge area it was really a home from home. We stayed in pod Eadmund, named in relation to the Saxon Village close by.  Having everything you could possibly need within, it was lovely to have a nice hot shower before curling up on the sofa and watching a bit of television with a hot chocolate. This was a relaxing stay in the most beautiful woodlands.


The pod was very warm and did not require heating, though there are throws on the sofas should you want to use these for some extra comfort. The pod came with a kettle, microwave and fridge, which made life a bit easier when it came to eating, it was a nice addition to the stay not having to go outside for the toilet or to the kitchen and perfect for the winter months.


In the daylight, the forest did truly unfold with its own little bits of magic unfolding at every turn, including the original tree that J.M. Barrie, originally used at the entry to Netherland in Peter Pan, being proud of my child within this was something I found very exciting.


I really loved Jan and Ed’s approach to respecting the environment, something which can, unfortunately, be overlooked and with such a beautiful forest being the setting for these megapods, it really is no wonder that they want to make sure that this continues to be the case in the future. I spoke to Jan about the environment and indeed how we need to care for our wildlife and it is clearly something that is as dear to his heart as it is to mine, this poem found in the pod was a perfect way to encourage others to treat the trees and land well.

I mentioned at the beginning of the blog that we had thought there was a LOTR theme about this place and coincidentally when speaking with Jan, he informed us, that they are currently in the middle of building a hobbit house, now, if you are familiar with The Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings, then you will be entirely aware and no doubt imagining at this very moment the house that Bilbo and Frodo inhabited with round doors and this will be replicated exactly. Due to open in the Spring next year, this is going to be a phenomenon that I for one will not be able to stay away from and if you are anything like me, I would register your interests fairly quickly as I have no doubt this is going to be very much in demand! Complete with a guided tour beginning at your very own Hobbit Hole, along the river Lark, to the Saxon Village, this is going to be an incredible experience.


This is such a rare find with a wonderful stay in a well thought out pod, hosted by truly lovely people, there is no place quite like this King’s Forest stay, perfect for those who want beautiful walks with plenty of history, there is a tale at every turn in this enchanted area.


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