Lunch at Green Pavilion

Driving through the picturesque town of Buxton, I had read about a local cafe that served incredible vegan food, obviously being the piglet I am, I would be damned if I missed out on a vegan eating experience, and I am elated that I did not pass this one, as the food was delicious!


The cafe itself is so cosy, it is such a lovely place to take a moment to eat and have a good natter, the food was absolutely brilliant. The staff are so nice and their menu is very welcoming to those who are vegan, with soups and sandwich, hot and cold food and of course drinks, this is a great place to stop if you are wanting to try something new for lunch!


The special of the day was a vegan aubergine ‘steak’ sandwich with onions and mushrooms, which I had to try as aubergine is my new thing and I am loving exploring all of the amazing ways it can be cooked. This was divine, it was so tasty and the smokey flavours really made a great moreish element to this fantastic sandwich. Served with the most incredibly refreshing sides, such as pineapple, beetroot, couscous and grated carrot, this was a perfect lunch. I really loved how they had chosen to serve these sides as something totally different to the norm and such a colourful array to the plate.


We also decided to order the vegan burger, this was good and by good, I mean goooood. The burger tasted almost like meatloaf, and it has houmous in the bun which was a nice addition, served with the same delicious sides as the aubergine baguette, this was a complete meal of flavour and colour and probably one of the best burgers I have ever had, it had such a great depth of flavour.


We also had some drinks, I being the coffee monster, had a black Americano and a Mandarin and Orange Fentimans was a complete mouth refresher, which was just in time as we decided that cake was a great idea, even though we had both said we could not eat anymore, the allure of a chocolate cupcake was too much for either of us to deny.


Vegan cupcakes are always a treat, this cupcake was chocolate and it was decadent, with rich icing and a solid depth of chocolate running all the way through this delectable cupcake. It was the perfect end to a wonderful lunch at the Green Pavilion, a cafe worth passing through Buxton for, this is one of the best lunches I have had in a long time, if you are ever in this pretty area, then I suggest approaching with a hungry tummy and letting them fill you up with vegan goodness!!

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