Delicious Dinner at The Deaf Institute

I have seen so many Instagram posts about the vegan food at The Deaf Institute in Manchester, I thought it only good and proper of me to go and test it out, naturally being epicurean and vegan there wasn’t much going to hold me back from trying all of the vegan goodies up for grabs and whilst I was full for the next 24 hours, I do not regret it, at all!


Now, I have mentioned a lot recently that I have been eating a lot of aubergines, I have been learning different ways to cook it as well as different ways to eat it, which may sound like the same thing but really it is so versatile and The Deaf Institute made theirs into a veganised meatball sub, which was bold and very filling, served smothered in sauce and with fries on the side, it was absolutely delicious and very creative. I would have never thought to have done this, however, it worked so well, the flavour and texture combinations worked so well and even though I had flu and no appetite, I managed to devour this entirely without pausing!


The cauliflower ‘wings’ were delicious, I love cauliflower wings and I love them, even more, when someone else is cooking them, these were a slight twist on the traditional take with them being served on slaw with some kale going on there too and the sauce was a very nice sticky barbecue flavour that was very tasty! Probably the best cauli-wings I have had to date!


Their pizza was very interesting, it was served on a non-traditional based that was more like I would know to be Khobez, which is kind of like a flatbread, this made it easier to tear and share, or not if that is your preference(was certainly mine!). This was topped with jalapeno and some super spicy peppers that made the whole thing great for someone who had flu and some really moreish smokey seitan. I really enjoyed this take on a pizza and loved the way the base wasn’t as filling as traditional pizza dough as meant I could eat way more than I would have if it was!


Overall I thought this place was fab, I loved the low lights and the curtains, it was a mix between a speakeasy restaurant and a place where clearly super cool music goes down, either way, I was glad to have visited and will be sure to pop in every time I am in the area to tick off a few more trios of their selections off the menu. Great place if you want vegan food that is bold in flavour and different to the usual.

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