Unico Unicorns

Okay, so there are no actual unicorns at Unico, though the magicians at work here are the unicorns of the vegan world because they have managed incredible vegan treat, in a super modest fashion, with not only ice creams, but cakes, drinks and bubbles.


Yes, I said bubbles because this is exactly what they are serving at this place tiny bubbles of breaded filled with delicious veggies, that are so dainty and yet so delicious.


Just enough without being too much and that is why this place is such a find because they know how to be bold on flavours with portion control, (something I am yet to learn myself).


I have been to this heavenly sanctuary twice in one week, which should you give you an indication of how incredibly delicious their vegan offerings are. It had to be said that this is not an entirely vegan store, though they have various vegan options. Their ice creams are special, by special I meant stupidly, ridiculously special, this is the best ice cream in town and whether you’re a fellow vegan or not, this is still the best ice cream in town period. I almost didn’t want to share this place as I don’t want it to become so busy I can’t get there for my vegan delicacies.


Their mixed berry ice cream with chocolate ice cream combo is quite possibly one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. Their chocolate ice cream is rich and creamy with cacao whereas their berry ice cream is bold and fresh with the tartness of the fruit, together they make a celestial combination!


It isn’t just their vegan ice cream that is breathtaking their hot chocolate and cappuccinos are pretty good going also, creamy and rich, these guys know how to make a hot beverage or two.


It’s a place to go with someone you hold dear and indulge whilst having a good old natter. It doesn’t really matter what vegan offerings you order you’re going to vegan joy them, as I consider myself somewhat of a regular now due to eating my way through their menu.


Their vegan cakes are something of a dream, I took a slice or three home to try and paired them with some fruit for that balanced diet that I totally have under wraps. This is not to mention the cake I had the first time I visited which also was devoured at record speed. The chocolate cake is to die for and I recommend eating this with ice cream, because if you’re going to have cake, then you might as well!


It can sometimes be a chore to be a piglet but on days where I get to eat at places like this, it’s definitely worth it!

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