Perfect Pizza at Arancina

I love pizza because if you read my blogs you will know that in my head, I am a vegan Ninja Turtle/ pizza piglet and the idea of being vegan and not enjoying pizza is one I have denied throughout the entirety of my plant-based journey. There have been varying levels of success along the way. Some have been delicious, some not so much, but Arancina is by far the best.

With that in mind, I popped in last week to see my favourite pizza people in their Notting Hill branch and had the most mouth-watering pizza I have ever had. It was delicious enough to have anyone saying ‘mamma mia’ and better yet, it was of course, vegan. With turnip flower, potato and black olives forming the topping and sheer heaven being the main component for the base.

Their pizzas leave me baffled every time as their base is so light yet has the perfect amount of crunch to it, something to this day I have not been able to replicate at home! All washed down with the gorgeous lemon soda that they serve, it was a triumph as always.

I have mentioned this place in my Top 10 restaurants of 2017 and if you want great pizza, either by the slice or as a whole, then this is the place to be heading to and I assure you once, you have been once, you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back time and time again.

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