Jolly Olivelli’s

You may recall that earlier in the year, I visited a wonderful restaurant- Olivelli’s, just moment’s away from Oxford Street with all the charm and charisma you would expect from an Italian restaurant.Well, I was so impressed that I decided to go and try out the vegan options on their Festive menu, tis the season and all that jazz.


The vegan starter was a gorgeous bean soup, thick and rich with flavour, it was a heartwarming start to the lunch and in addition to this we shared some bruschetta which was also super tasty and the tomatoes were really fresh which for me is what makes a good bruschetta.


Both of the starters were fantastic and as risotto is my weakness, I was very much looking forward to their take on the classic. This risotto was made with courgette, courgette flowers and tomatoes and was simply sumptuous.


One of the main reasons I love risotto is because it is a delicious dish that is so simple, which means, in theory, it just needs to be cooked and seasoned well and take on the flavours of the other ingredients. In other words, there is not much room for error. This risotto worked wonderfully it was fragrant with lots of flavour combinations in each mouthful, I did add some chilli oil as I love to give the risotto a kick of spice and demolished the dish in no time.

IMG_20171115_163630_217.jpgFor dessert, I had an orange sorbet that was so refreshing it was the perfect finale to a meal full of decadence, a real palate cleanser. I had this along with a black Americano to finish the entire meal.

This is such a quaint restaurant, no matter how many people are inside it is still a great place to have an intimate meal. The staff are superbly attentive and know which dishes are vegan and what can be made vegan, which is really helpful. If you are looking for a Central restaurant to have a good meal, Festive or not, then this place will never fail to wow!


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