Top 10 Restaurants of 2017

I have had such an a amazing year, and not that it is over yet, but before we get too close to the end of the year for you guys to try my favourites yourself,I thought it only right I share them now. It has been such a great journey so far being vegan I hope that I have shown my readers, vegan or not that you can eat delicious food without cruelty and that is something that is really important to me, the whole reason I ever started this was so that I could share my experiences and I really hope that I have managed to do that.

So without further a do lets get started with my Top 10 Restaurants of 2017

#10 – Treves & Hyde


The decor and atmosphere of this place is a great indication of the wonderful evening ahead when eating here, the vegan food was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the food.The dessert was outstanding and George the Chef was such a humble man when speaking with us after designing such a gorgeous menu for us.

#9 – Arancina


Incredible pizza, the most delicious crust with just the right amount of density, a great place to enjoy a meal with the family and their lemonade is just how I like it.  The choice for pizza toppings makes this a place I want to keep returning to over and over again.

#8 – Olivelli’s


Wonderful vegan options, attentive staff and incredible flavours, this is a restaurant that is designed for those special occasions, when you want to sit down and let the world go by whilst you enjoy the very best of Italian food.

#7 – Megan’s


The flavours in the food served at Megan’s impressed me so much, their imam bayildi was absolutely terrific. The flavour combinations in the vegan menu are impressive and I will remember how delicious their food is for a long time to come!

#6- Four to Eight


The restaurant that serves the best risotto I have ever had,will not be forgotten in a hurry. The hen of the woods mushroom that I had for the starter also left a very nice memory on my mind. The staff were amazing here and the food and wine went down together very nicely, the perfect setting for a good catch up with friends.

#5 – Gauthier


Such an elegant restaurant with precision in every minute detail of this dining experience, I felt rather special throughout the meal as I was looking after extremely well. The courses were incredible and with every course, came a nod of approval from me. The menu is adventurous and delicious and this is most definitely a treat if you want to feel like plant based royalty for the day!

#4 – Oliver Maki


I could not fault this restaurant, each course was immaculately presented, the staff were incredibly generous and the food was outstanding. Each dish was so different from the one that came before it and had so much flavour. You can really tell a lot of thought has gone in to this vegan menu which reflected in the taste and texture combinations of each dish. I had such a great time here and time flew by as we ate our way through this incredible medley of food.

#3 –Wulf and Lamb


What more can I say about this restaurant than -the best burgers I have ever eaten. Well actually, there is a little more, their tiramisu was godly and their staff are an absolute pleasure. The food was so delicious that they had to make it in to the top 3 because I have wanted to revisit ever since I went the first time and think about their burgers daily. That is without mentioning their mac and cheese which is enough to make anyone day dream. Incredible food, great staff and amazing venue for eating like your life depends on it!

#2 – Mommi


Whether it’s their vegan Summer menu or their Christmas menu, this restaurant has never failed to deliver on flavour, texture or creativity. Their dishes are colourful, bold and beautiful, their flavours are big and fierce,their drinks are mighty and tasty. There is nothing that this restaurant does,that isn’t too the highest quality. All of their staff have been delightful, helpful and knowledgeable about vegan food. This is a place like no other and as this is a sharing themed menu, it means that you can all dig in to delicious food, whilst having a good laugh. I love this place!

#1 – 100 Hoxton


This is by far my favourite place to eat food. The flavours that these guys are creating for vegans is knock out quality, the precision to detail, their vibrancy on the plate and the amount of thought and detail in every dish is why they are my favourite place in the who world to eat. This is the restaurant that had me eating cauliflower again,pretty much daily after not eating it for a solid 20 years. Their roast dinner was magnificent, their Summer menu was so incredible I was talking about it for weeks afterwards. Not to mention how amazing their staff are, they are happy to help and answer any question regarding vegan food. Their cocktails are incredible and they have even managed to make delicious mocktails. I thoroughly enjoy eating here and I will be returning again and again.


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