Roast Dinner at 100 Hoxton

At 100 Hoxton a restaurant that was incredible the first time I ate their back in the Summer, I expected their Roast to be better than average, and I wasn’t wrong. Their roast dinner was impeccable for 2 reasons, firstly obviously everything was cooked to perfection but secondly,their ability to put their own show stopping twist on everything that they serve is remarkable.


As you would expect on your Sunday dinner plate there were veggies and  roasted potatoes and even the braised red cabbage but that is where the traditional similarities end because the roasted aubergine that is served with had so much flavour it was outrageously clever, with a ton katsu gravy just to confirm the elevation from a typical Sunday lunch.


This restaurant is very dear to me, not only does it have the most incredible flavour combinations in their food as designated driver, I opted for a mocktail, a raspberry colada that was delicious and their desserts, as before are ambrosial. The staff are so lovely, they have the balance of being attentive but not in your face balanced just right and are always able to help with any dietary enquiries you have.


Their sorbet is the best I have ever tasted and I have tasted quite a few in my time! The blackcurrant and the raspberry sorbet both have such a fruit depth to them, its impossible to resist finishing the whole lot. I have tried both times I have been here and failed miserably!

If you want a Sunday dinner with a difference, then you need to head to 100 Hoxton and try this vegan plate of unapologetic deliciousness! You’ll probably find me down there too, as I plan on making regular visits from now on!

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