Awesome Autumn Yard

Earlier this year, I was blown away by the food at Autumn Yard, the vegan options were fantastic, so when I heard that they had a new seasonal menu, I could not wait to go back down there and try it out.

The food was great last time but this time, I was super impressed, opting for the aubergine and miso sandwich and the aubergine bhaji burger, I was sure that there was plenty of room for flavour and both dishes were packed full of taste and texture, just as I like it.


Let’s start with the aubergine and miso sandwich, which would satisfy any savoury craving you may have. The miso added bold flavour to this lovely dish, the aubergine was perfectly cooked and served in a rosemary focaccia bread that made the whole dish a complete triumph, it came served with a simple romaine salad, topped with pomegranate and sunflower seeds, which balanced out the savoury flavours of the sandwich. I would highly recommend this, as it is upgraded comfort food, though perfectly acceptable to eat it in a comfy jumper, I opted for a warm jumper today as it was freezing and this sandwich warmed me up in no time!


The aubergine bhaji burger was one of the most unique burgers I have ever had, starting with the fact that the burger itself was made with aubergine rather than the more usual bhaji choice – onion. The burger had so much depth to it with tomato kasundi, which is a lightly spiced ketchup equivalent with onion jam, served with chips. This was a very special burger, it was juicy and full of flavours and textures that just kept inviting me to eat more and more.


To wash these gorgeous dishes down with, we had an apple juice and a cold press juice, the Detox juice is a mixture of pear, apple, cucumber and celery, it was sweet and very tasty, great with a meal.


This is one of my favourite places to eat in London and if you are every near Hackney would highly recommend trying this at least once because that is all you need to get hooked on this delicious food. There are other dishes that are vegan on the menu and I will definitely be reporting back when I have more to report on. If you are looking for somewhere to eat reasonably priced food in Hackney with a twist then this is the restaurant I would suggest every time!



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