Dinner at Noura

Arriving from across Green Park, I was very hungry and ready to taste the great food that I had heard so much about. I had heard so many people say that the vegan options were great and so this was something I was looking forward to as I love Lebanese food and so it is always nice when the menu clearly states what is vegan, as it means I can get stuck in!

Noura has a separate vegan and vegetarian menu with lots of vegan options on it to choose from, however, we decided to go for a selection of mezzes to start and then a main each to share so that we had the full vegan experience.

Upon arrival, we were served pickles, chillis and olives, a winning combination as far as I am concerned, in fact throughout the evening, we managed to get through quite a few of these.

Starting with a selection of mezzes, including 2 of my favourites things of all time fatayer, a spinach with onions and pine nuts in pastry and Moutabel, a smokey aubergine dip that has such a great depth of flavour.


Also on the table was houmous Beiruity, which is unapologetically bold in flavour with rich garlic, parsley, sesame oil and lemon making this velvet smooth houmous sumptuous with bread.


Stuffed vine leaves made with rice and tomato, that melted in the mouth and worked so well with the also extremely fresh tasting, tabbouleh which is a dish made from chopped parsley, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice with cracked wheat, sounds simple, but this dish is a winner, as it is so fresh and works with the deep and bold flavours of the houmous and the moutabel.

We also had some falafel which was delicious and as an avid falafel eater, these were up there with some of the best I have ever eaten. In addition to this, a very special dish that was Pumpkin Kebbeh is adeep fried dumpling with a shell made from pumpkin and cracked wheat and then filled with mixed sweet peppers, nuts, pomegranate and lemon zest, that I had not had before, it was so delicately flavoured and the texture of the crispy outside with the soft and creamy inside was divine. I would highly recommend trying this if you are in Noura.


For mains, we had shared Loubieh a dish with green beans cooked in tomatoes, perfect with rice as a mouth-watering main, served adjacent to Bamieh, an okra dish, with the okra cooked in tomato and coriander.


The rice was delicious and complimented both of the main dishes really well. It was cooked perfectly and completed the whole meal.


Being that I am already in love with okra and love to cook with it at home it was exceptionally well cooked at Noura and made for such a beautiful dish to enjoy with the Loubieh and rice until I physically could not eat anymore.

2017-11-09 13.49.39.jpg

As always, not being able to eat any more of the savoury section of the meal by no means cancels my abilities to eat dessert, I cannot report back fully otherwise, so I had a mixture of mango and strawberry sorbet and of course, my favourite Lebanese coffee. A wonderful end to an evening of delicious food and excellent company.

2017-11-09 13.50.24.jpg

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