Brilliant Bob’s Cafe


As soon as I walked into Bob’s Cafe, I had a good feeling, plants were everywhere and the decor was gorgeous. Immediately seated in an adorable booth that was elegantly decorated in a blue colour scheme with a funky light and plant friends close by this was somewhere I felt very relaxed and ready to chow down on some good food.


There is a veggie menu which can be adapted for vegans and what a menu it was, with so many options to choose from we started with a mezze to share, a perfect sized portion of falafel, tomatoes, avocado, houmous and toasted sourdough with shakshouka peppers, olives. Every element was tasty, I particularly like the sourdough and the houmous.


For mains, we opted for the falafel burger which is served on sourdough to make it vegan, this was a tower of rainbowy goodness. The burger was packed full of roasted red peppers, grated carrot, beetroot, green chilli relish, houmous and obviously falafel, served with chips this was a beast of a meal that was bold with flavours and colours. Such a gorgeous dish that would make any non-vegans head turn!


As well as the epic burger, I opted for Chef’s Market salad bowl as I had been craving a fresh bowl of salad all day, and the fact this salad had artichoke in it was a winner for me. This was a bowl of goodness that was not any plain salad, it had layers of flavours, with avocado, cucumber, beetroot, quinoa grateed carrot and roasted tomatoes, this was leafy goodness with a lot of flavours and textures thoroughly enjoyed with some of the chips from the falafel burger plate!


This is a great restaurant for families and has a foosball table at the back of the restaurant, great for keeping little (or not so little) ones entertained. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a decently priced meal, with plenty of flavours and great service through out your meal. This is a place where they like to spoil their guests with attentive staff and amazing service it was a night of delicious food, as well as exceptional service.


Ending the meal with an almond milk hot chocolate and a soya milk cappuccino this was a very successful meal to which I salute Bob, for making a place for vegans in this gorgeous restaurant.

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