Wonderful Wulf & Lamb

Just a moment away from Sloane Square lies a vegan emporium that is bursting with bold vegan dishes for any epicurean, plant-based or not to swoon over. Yes, the food at Wulf & Lamb was excellent, the staff are so organised and ridiculously friendly and best of all… they have a ‘cake gallery’. This is not what they call it, but I like this name and it is a display of cakes to choose from, which are of course cruelty-free.

I spent my evening sipping on a great merlot which I enjoyed even more as when I asked the lovely lady serving me, naively whether the wines were vegan too,(you can never be too sure), she smiled’of course!’. Bingo Bango, on to the wine I went.


Foodwise, I feel this is a menu I need to complete, but for this seating, we shared The Wulf Burger which is a seitan patty with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, red onions in a brioche bun with a generous helping on cashew aioli which alone was epic! The whole burger was mouth-wateringly good, it was one of the best burgers I have ever had, served with sauerkraut and wedges.


As well as a Spicy Veg Burger, this time with cheese added to the mix, this did not fail to impress, it was so good! That is an understatement but I feel that taking you on a journey through my vast vocabulary will only distract from this magnificent excellence that was quite simply epic.


These are must-try foods, which coincidently is how I came to hear of Wulf & Lamb as their Mac and Cheese is rather renowned in the Vegan world. Being the herbivore hero that I am, I couldn’t not try it, which is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made but this was a regal dish, a macaroni majesty if you will. This was well worth the voyage, though the other dishes were superb too.


Being me, dessert was a given and although I was tempted to choose a cake from the ‘cake gallery’, I wanted to taste the Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake which they describe as ‘melt-in-the-mouth dairy-free cheesecake on a base of macadamia, pistachios and sesame seeds, topped with raspberry crumble and mint’, I describe it as piece of heaven calved out on to a plate and served with a smile. It looked absolutely stunning and the flavours were beyond delicious,  this was a dish worthy of applaud, though that would have meant putting my spoon down and I couldn’t part with it at this stage.


With the cheesecake, I also had tiramisu, a traditional Italian dessert we all know and I love, though don’t think I have had since being vegan. Coffee is my weakness and this dessert, meaning ‘pick me up’ in Italian, did exactly that, this was effortlessly my favourite dessert ever, others have come close but this moved me in ways on decadent coffee dishes can, with coffee meringues around the side that melted in your mouth, it was sensational, and I will be back for more, maybe even as my main course!


To finish the meal we had a tea and cappuccino and were given some delicious Italian lemon cookies to take home, I ate some on the way home as I was intrigued and smiled to myself as these guys had done it again, executed culinary genius! This is a must if you are vegan or just like great food, it is a dining experience you will never forget!

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  1. trudi_bruges says:

    We’ve been there twice this year. Indeed wonderful!


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