Merry Mommi

Earlier this year, I visited Mommi and was blown away by their vegan options, from presentation to taste, this place has got it all spot on and so when the Festive Menu become an option, I obviously had to go back and check it out. Being a restaurant quite big on small plates for sharing, the menu is really great for Xmas get-togethers, because you can chat and share divine food. On the menu for the Festive period is a vast vegan menu, including a cocktail to cheers with also.Word of warning, chopsticks are the typical tongs of choice in this establishment, so if like me, you can’t use chopsticks and prefer eating your food to wearing it, the lovely people at Mommi are more than happy to give you some cutlery to avert this happening, as always, no judgement here!

No Xmas soirée is not complete without a drink on arrival and arrivals picso fizz was very much appreciated, not mention delicious! Starting this feast was a delicious Avocado, cucumber and Tomato salad that was packed with sushi rice that tasted so scrumptious, it has a nice kick of spice with some ginger running through the dish also.

The chef very kindly added an extra dish off the menu for us to try which was a super tasty mushroom dish with bright purple mash, which I am certain was beetroot based. It was a welcomed surprise, with such wonderful flavours and textures that were complimenting each other superbly.

Pumpkin is the king of this season and I adore it, I rarely cook it myself, so loved to eat it when it is on the menu wherever possible. This was served with courgette, in a tea miso marinade with quinoa lime picante, which worked so well with the comforting flavours of the pumpkin, the quinoa made a great textural contrast and the flavours worked beautifully together.

Up next was probably my favourite dish of the evening, crispy cassava bites with roasted agave sweet potatoes, salsa Cirolla and Chilli Ponzu, this was perfect. By perfect, I mean the textures were incredible, the flavours of the cassava and the sweet potato with the agave were a match made in heaven. This was a plate with beatific levels of gastronomy, bursting with flavour and colours, this is a plant based piglet favourite!

As a vibrant plate of greens to go with all of the other plates of yum, tender stem broccoli with asparagus and sugar snap peas were served in a sesame dressing that rounded off the whole meal very well. By rounded off I clearly mean the savoury sections, as I was never going to leave without sampling the Xmas desserts…

For dessert, I had the coconut vegan ice cream with fresh berries and chicha morada syrup, which I have never had before, but will be having again, the coconut ice cream was rich and creamy as I would expect with the berries adding the tartness and the chicha morada syrup, which is a syrup made by boiling the corn with sugar and other ingredients to reach a delectable status, just added something extra special to this dish.

With one more cocktail for the road, this time a smokey Jose which was powerfully concocted and an Americano for the road, this was a merry menu well worth devouring, and I am certain I will be returning before too long.

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  1. Harry Barker says:

    Very Nice xxxx

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    1. Delicious food 😊


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