Tremendous Treves & Hyde

Away from the maddening crowds of Aldgate, I sat in a sheer glass window, enjoying the view whilst eating some rather delectable dishes yesterday evening. I found myself engulfed in each dish and the amount of precision and thought that went into the flavour and texture combinations of each dish was superb.


Yes, at Treves and Hyde, they are not afraid to have vegans for dinner. In fact, quite the opposite, with incredible dishes that were not only stunning but palatable brilliance, which is always what I am looking for!


To start we were served some very simple bread and oil, though the bread was a fresh and light, ideal for someone like me, who managed to beg the waiter to take away the leftovers as I always eat far too much bread in restaurants.


Paired with some rather delicious cocktails, the forever sophisticated East Fashioned and a pretty Lady Violet with its wonderful edible flowers, that I can assure you were all sumptuous to devour.


The starter looked beautiful and tasted just as I had hoped. Being a huge fan of girolles it came to no surprise that this dish was a success for me, as they were cooked to perfection served with beans and sweetcorn on a bed of wonderfully cooked kale.


The main was a show stopper of a dish with deeply fried fennel draping over some incredibly well-cooked beetroot, laced with slithers of figs and placed upon a deep and rich beetroot puree, this was a dish that I could happily eat every day, it was divine and I could not fault it in any way.


When things were looking like they could not get any better, the side was a dish of chunky sweet potato, with pomegranate seeds in a refreshing yoghurt. This complimented the main so well and gave the earthiness more depth and some sweetness to the palate surprisingly balanced well with the sweetness of the beetroot and the savoury elements of the dish, an absolute triumph.


For dessert, a dish I think I will be dreaming of until Xmas, I am hoping to recreate the dish but sadly I think it will only be a disappointment as this was SO good. It was one of my favourite desserts ever. It was a complete surprise, as we were uncertain as to whether the restaurant had a vegan dessert option, so left it to Tom, the most amazing chef to deliver us something.


My word, did he deliver. This is a dessert of intimacy, by this I mean, it is a dish you will want to slow dance with until sunrise, or maybe that’s just me. It was a sensation of blood orange, vegan chocolate and a light crumb to add the texture to the dish. A fantastic way to end a wonderful evening.


This is the perfect place for couples or a good catch up as the ambience is calm and sets an intimate scene. The staff are so friendly and George is a true star, not only did he come to speak with us before the meal, he made such amazing dishes and was rather humble when we explained to him how amazing they were. Brilliant night, would recommend highly.

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  1. Harry Barker says:

    That looks absolutely scrummy love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was delicious! 😊


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