Laugh and Lounge at Nostrano

A few Monday’s ago I shimmied along to the Nostrano Lounge in Staines, a quirky bar restaurant that is dog-friendly, obviously, I arranged to take a pup, as this was the case.

Monday night is quiz night and although I will say that I was quite lost from the beginning of the quiz until somewhere near the middle of the end, I would hazard a guess this was the case for just me and my team mate who was trying to eat whilst listen to the questions and catch up on our lives.

We still managed to have a hilarious time and the staff were incredible. Not only did they soothe our spirits after coming completely last, they were more than accommodating for our prize pup who seemingly wanted to do a little more with her Monday evening, than spending time with us two. The staff made her feel very welcome with treats and were so lovely.


The vegan menu is pretty vast so I had to go with what I felt was ‘naughtiest’ as always, I like to tip the equilibrium of my own life and went for a full English vegan breakfast complete with falafel, it was like this was designed for me in mind. Falafels, hash browns, baked beans, slow-roasted tomato, sautéed mushrooms, spinach with peppers and toast, seemingly these guys don’t play when it comes to food and I was glad as I was starving and this was a welcomed dish of happiness.


My trusty friend had a vegan Sweet potato falafel burger that she enjoyed also and this looked rather appetizing with rocket, tomato, red onion, gherkin and beetroot hummus with vegan slaw and fries.


A very good night and a very good selection of vegan food, I will be popping into a few of their other branches to work my way through the menu. Check out their website to find their nearest restaurant, I would highly suggest trying out these lounges, as they are a perfect for a vegan bite and a giggle!

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