Karma Kola Co.

The amazing people at Karma Cola Co. have sent me some delicious drinks that I could not wait to try, I have had their lemonade at Temple of Seitan a few times and loved that so assumed the rest of their drinks would be good. Wow! Good is an understatement, for someone who doesn’t drink fizzy drinks usually because of all the junk that is in them, these were a real treat and I have to say, so much better than the usual fizzy drinks crammed full of sugar and sweeteners.

Gingerella, their ginger ale, which used to be a firm favourite of mine back in the day, mainly because I thought it was alcoholic as a teenager and that I the naughty…..clearly a rebellious piglet even then. Karma Cola has managed to make this lighter and more refreshing than ever before, packed full of ginger than zings on the tongue just how I love! I also love knowing that the ginger sugar-free by Fairtrade farmers in Wayamba, Sri Lanka, it is so important for me to know that farmers worldwide are being paid fairly for their work and when they are producing such incredible produce, as is clearly evident in these drinks, it is a win/win.

The cola well, it was reminiscent of another time as a child, when I would be allowed a sip of my Mum’s cola and only that as a hyper child indeed I was and fizzy drinks, did not aid me well. This cola, however, made me very happy, there is something about these drinks that makes me feel very grown up, and yes, I am aware I am a fully grown adult but I mean in the way that there is sophistication in this cola, it is a drink to be enjoyed with plenty of ice! This time being made Kmade with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone, with the part of the profit from each bottle going to these farming families. The sugar free cola having only stevia leaves in it for sweetness from the Chilean Stevia, much better than tonnes of sugar additives.

Last but not least, back to where it all started for me, the Lemony lemonade. If you read my blog regularly you will know I am a sucker for real lemonade, by real lemonade, I mean a wealth of lemon in it, not sugar and bubbles. This lemonade hits the spot! The first one I had was so good I drank it on the way home from Temple of Seitan before I could photograph it to add to my review, I am very glad to say this was not the case this time! The balance of lemon and grapefruit it was I love about this drink, it has that bitter taste you would expect from these two fruity beauties and it makes for a divine refreshment. I always pick up a Karma Cola Co. drink whenever they are stocked where I eat and would recommend them to anyone trying to cut down on the not so healthy and natural things in life. They are bursting full of flavour and sophistication. Try them and you will be hooked for life!

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