Majestic Megan’s

Dining at Megan’s for dinner, is an experience within itself, I will get to the food, but before I start on my attempt to salivate your taste buds, I must first pay homage to the beautiful decor and wonderful staff that work here. Not only did they have superb knowledge of the vegan food, they were able to recommend delicious smoothies and dessert and served every table as if they were waiting on royalty. They could not have been more helpful nor generous and in this day and age, I think that is really important because it adds to the whole experience and makes such a lovely memory of the evening.

Moving on to the food – wow! Now, I have an appetite and I would like to say I can eat a lot but this place successfully filled me until I could eat or drink no more. They have great vegan choices for starter and main, and I believe that the desserts change but vegan options are available too, as well as vegan drinks.

This restaurant screams romance, my Mother and I agreed as we dined together in this intimate eatery, it’s a definite hand holding across the table kind of place, (preferably not with your parents). Though there were plenty of friends seemingly on catch ups and birthday parties too. The walls are decorated in twigs and flowers, it is a simplistic yet stunning scene to catch a bite and enjoy yourself. They have plenty of different offerings throughout the week including nights where you can bring your own plonk, for a minimal corkage fee.

Upon arrival I had the Kale Greens, a refreshing blend of kale, cucumber and apple with mint and lemon, my Mother seemingly looking to let her hair down, opted for a prosecco, it was one of a few…

For starters we shared the tapenade and harissa houmous, both served with flatbread, both, two of my favourite things. They portions were a great size for sharing and so delicious, we both stopped talking and began pointing and ‘mmmm’-ing as we were eating. The harissa houmous, punchy in flavour and beautifully textured, the tapenade, smooth and deliciously olive-y. 

I followed this with an apple, carrot and ginger smoothie, which was delicious and perfect between courses. They have so many drink options and it is so worth asking the staff to assist as they can suggest what would work best with what you are eating.

For main I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to eat more out of the Nicoise Salad and the Imam Bayildi – a baked and stuff aubergine, so decided to order both and share the salad in the middle. I am so glad that I did not miss either of these dishes, as they were both incredible. 

The Nicoise salad was packed full of olives, sundried tomatoes, baby potatoes and french beans, it was refreshing and so delicious. This is something I have missed so much since being vegan as most restaurants serve it with fish, so this made me very happy!

The Imam Bayildi did not disappoint either, it was rich and had some nice rifts of spice coming through on the palate with this perfectly cooked aubergine, that melted in the mouth, it was heavenly! I am so glad that my Mum doesn’t like aubergine as it meant I didn’t have to share! I could have eaten this all day, it was quite the silent meal as we both gave gestures of approval and enjoyment towards each other.

For dessert, I wanted to try the vegan hot chocolate because I will drink it wherever I can and at Megan’s it is made with coconut milk which made it even more creamy and there for even more decadent that a usual hot chocolate, this was thoroughly enjoyed with the addition of a flap jack. The flap jack was ambrosial with delicious raspberries and sweet taste of coconut, ending the meal perfectly.

This is an absolutely great find for those who are wanting a gorgeous meal in a fabulous setting then I suggest heading to Kings Road and trying out Megan’s scrumptious vegan food!!

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