Ravishing Radio Alice

Just a short walk from Shoreditch is Hoxton Square and in that square is the wonderful Radio Alice, previously a pirate radio station, this gorgeous restaurant is now serving delicious pizzas and sorbet with gin. It’s got plant-based piglet written all over it and so it was only right I take my Mum along.

You see, as a child, my Mum and my Maternal grandparents would always take me to Roman Road and the East end of London, as that is where they are from. They would always talk of Hoxton and ‘the old days’ and moving out of London when my Mum was small she loves to go back to the areas she started life in, add to this the fact that she loves pizza and she made the perfect candidate for my epicurean companion for the evening. Family stories over and onto the food and drinks that we had on this fine Autumn evening!

Starting with the red based peppers pizza with tomatoes, olives, capers, parsley which had the most delicious base, that was fluffy and topped with the simplest of tasty bases sauces, compiled simply of organic tomatoes with basil and oil. Seemingly simple but with some serious depth of flavour, this was a great pizza.

It had to have a side as I am a hungry piglet after all and with Tomatoes, capers, olives, onions, basil and a vanilla salt salad up for grabs I thought this would be a suitable partner to balance out the doughy decadence and was I right! It was absolutely amazing. I could eat this every day, caper and olives are two of my favourite things, the acidity of the capers, with the sweetness of the tomatoes balanced with the olives, made a refreshing and simple sumptuous side.
I also took the opportunity to have a beer, because that is the ultimate pizza experience so I had a 7% Spaceman beer, that was a perfect ‘washer downer’ and only added to the swell time I was having. My Mum seemingly having the time of her life too, ( I have that effect on people), it was a great night.

It was about to get even better, as the wonderful lady advised me that they have cucumber and gin sorbet and accompanied with extra to create an extra merry evening end to what was already a lovely evening. This ultra boozy dessert was delicious if not slightly inebriating, but with plenty of pizza to soak up the alcohol a winning combination, I may suggest to slowly pour the gin over the sorbet rather than pouring the entirety of the side serving over it in one hit, as it certainly a shock to the palate!

The restaurant itself is absolutely gorgeous, it appears to have once been a school, with markings on the walls from previous students and desk like seating, this is now obviously joined by a pizza oven and sophisticated bar to make the whole place a delightful eatery, complete with great music choices and lovely, lovely staff, this is a place you will want to go if you looking for some good food and a nice atmosphere, there is also outside seating for those who like to eat al fresco! This has PBP approval for sure!

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