Nectarous Namaste Kitchen

Camden is one of my favourite places to go in London, so I am always looking for an excuse to visit, add to that the lure of vegan Indian food and I am raring to go. Minutes from Camden Town station is a lovely Indian restaurant Namaste Kitchen, that’s food is as tasty as the restaurant is trendy, with vegan options to make me inquisitive, I had to give this place a go and they did not disappoint.

I started my meal like I do most Indian meals with perhaps a slightly overzealous mound of poppadoms, served here with some delicious vegan accompaniments.

For starter I had a dish I have never had before at an Indian restaurant which was a really refreshing pomegranate and mango salad with plenty of chickpeas packed full of flavour, this light starter was perfect after a wad full of poppadums.

With this meal I had an award-winning Indian Rose, which was rich with the flavour of sweet strawberries and a hint of pepper to tickle the palate, I would highly recommend trying this if you are planning to visit as this worked so well with the meal and really was a beautiful wine.

For mains we opted to go for a ‘try a little of everything’ approach, which seemed to work well, considering everything was pretty good! My favourite was the lentils, admittedly, I am a huge fan of Tadka Dal but this was exceptional, it was so creamy and rich with the cumin giving it such a lovely flavour.

This worked so well with the Jeera Aloo, a potato dish again with cumin, that was seriously yummy! I usually opt for a potato dish instead of a rice dish as rice is not a favourite of mine but I decided to try their lemon rice as we both agreed it was something different and we were very happy with our decision.

The okra with raw mango was a treat, I have recently rediscovered okra as I had it when I was younger but am yet to cook it for myself so always opt for it on the menu and this was tasty!

All four dishes worked well together and made a filling vegan meal, with some roti that made the status of stuffed, confirmed.

After dinner, it was time for some cocktails for the road, which I believe are all vegan. If in doubt with any of the food or drink options, the staff are so friendly and know pretty much every item on the menu off by heart so they can tell you what is good to eat also. They also are very happy to help and I really enjoyed speaking with them.

Starting the cocktails with a Summer In Paris which is Ciroc, Cointreau, elderflower and lychee juice, beautifully presented with some purple sugar around the rim of the glass, my friend and I took turned t eat this sugar, as we have no control of our sweet tooths!

Then on to kiwi and cucumber martini, which I have never had before and was surprisingly overwhelmed by how much this tasted of cucumber, which may sound like a very odd thing to say but you will have to try it to understand my point! This was delicious and a very refreshing drink for the road, with vodka, fresh kiwi, cucumber, elderflower and lime, this is a sophisticated drink to end a meal with.

Shortly after finishing our drinks it was time to finally hit the road after a lovely evening with amazing food and drinks, definitely my new place to eat whenever in Camden, perfect for the colder nights or if you are just wanting some spice in your life!


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