Chocolate & Banana Crumpets

The weather is getting significantly colder in the UK and we all know someone who is holding out in their shorts, for an ‘Indian Summer’, but let’s face it, the sun has gone and in my best, Jon Snow voice ‘Winter is coming’. We don’t need to be upset about this, seasons are wonderful, Autumn and Winter are actually two of my favourite seasons because I can wear all of my favourite baggy jumpers, that are frowned upon in the Summer and… you can afford something a little more indulgent for breakfast.

My wonderful Nan taught me that a bowl of porridge would keep me full until lunchtime and although I do love my porridge in the mornings, sometimes, I like to go for something a little bit more….delicious.

This breakfast takes less than 5 minutes, so for those who say I don’t have time for breakfast, you can make this in the time it takes to make your coffee!

All you need to do is toast some crumpets, the quantity is up to you, there is no judgement here… though, one is never enough! Smother and I mean really go for it with Mr Organic’s Dairy Free Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread, as it is truly delicious and organic, natural, palm oil and gluten free and did I say delicious already?

Once you have made a substantial base, slice a banana and top the crumpet(s) with it, if you have time then you can drizzle some extra chocolate over the top, but either way they are scrumptious and take minutes to make. Beats, washing up the pot after porridge!

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