Lunch at Burgermeester!

The idea of a restaurant called Burgermeester that sells vegan burgers with saffron mayo is not one that I think I would come across often, though when I did, it was a no brainer that it had to be tried.

The burger itself is a spinach, pumpkin and chickpea patty that is served with a saffron mayo. The burger was delicious it was very moist and comes bunless which was not really an issue as the patty itself was very filling. The spinach and pumpkin worked so well together and the chickpeas added another binding element as well as making the burger all the more creamy in taste, it was a very well thought out burger.

The saffron mayo is the best mayo I have ever had in my life. It was so smooth and silky, with the subtle flavour of saffron adding that extra touch of decadence to what was already a pretty sound mayo.

The sides to accompany the burger are perhaps not what you would typically expect of a burger with no chips on the menu the closest options was baked potato, which would usually come topped with sour cream, so we dashed that and added some grilled vegetables to the side instead.

The baked potato was not served as a whole but rather in squares that seemed to have been baked, almost into a cross between wedges and a jacket potato. They were very tasty and actually made a nice change to chips.

After the meal, I spoke to the chef who explained that their vegan options change from time to time, so it is always worth checking what it is before you go but if the rest of the options are anything like this, then I would be happy to try them! Would definitely record if you are looking for somewhere to try a decent vegan burger whilst in the centre!

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