Amsterdam Camp-sterdam

Arriving in Amsterdam I was quite dubious at the idea of camping, not that I don’t love the outdoors or camping for that matter, but how on earth would it be possible in a city such as Amsterdam. Well, that is where Camping Zeeburg is so different because across the bridge from the main it is a camp site that has managed to create its very own community feel and what a great place it was. Perfect for those who want to get away from it all on a budget, with no limits.

Amenities are all covered, there are toilets, showers, washing machines, a tumble drier and a cooking area. If that isn’t enough, they have a great restaurant that serves the most amazing vegan food. I felt it only right to try out everything vegan on the menu and I have to say they have loads of options and they were all very tasty which I will be blogging about that separately.

There is a shop on site for all of your needs be it food cravings, forgotten toiletries or gifts these can all be purchased from the shop. You can also hand your phone/tablet into reception for safe and secure charging, you will need to provide the charger but should you forget your adapter, they have this covered as well. They have thought of everything! All you need to do is turn up and be prepared to camp at one of the quirkiest campsites I have ever been to.
The campsite also had a barbecue should you be feeling adventurous and hot drinks can be purchased in the restaurant as well as alcohol so you really can enjoy yourself and maybe have a beer around the barbie!

The staff are so friendly and they will help you with any queries that you may have, they will also point you in the right direction should you need help finding the centre of Amsterdam etc. You can take a tram from either side of the bridge to reach different parts of Amsterdam, or you can hire a bike from the campsite, these are provided by Rent A Bike, who is the oldest bike rental company and they are so helpful, seeing as I have such a bad back, I had to make sure my bike was perfect for me in order to be able to cycle for the duration of the trip and they managed to find me the perfect bike. It was comfortable and had the right amount of suspension for someone like me, who can’t afford any knocks.

The cycle lanes are perfectly simple and you can get just about anywhere on the bikes. I would highly recommend them, as you can see so much more of the city by bike and they give you a lot more flexibility. It goes without saying to always be alert and safe on the bikes and you will be fine. If I can do it then so can you!
It was so nice to arrive back at the campsite in the evening and hop in to nice hot shower, followed by a nice hot cup of tea, I didn’t eat in the restaurant every night but I wish I had and will be covering this in more detail in a different blog along with what I ate on every other night. The vegan scene in Amsterdam is vast and you will not have an issue finding some delicious delights on your travels and for those who want to keep it sweet and cheap then you will find a Lidl is always close by! I will be posting blogs on all of these amazing food that I found but if you want to find some vegan dishes to take back to Zeeburg and cook then I would suggest you pop along to Vegabond where they have so many vegan options that you will be spoilt for choice.

All in all, I will be heading back to Zeeburg very soon hopefully this time to try out their other accommodation as they do have wagons and cabins which both looked very appealing especially for the winter months. It has to be said though that camping on the waters’ edge was one of the most peaceful and relaxing experiences I have had in a very long time.
If you are planning to camp it will probably work out cheaper for you to travel by coach as this will allow you more luggage, it does take a little long but as you can take a late night coach that arrives early in the morning you can arrange it so it doesn’t interfere with your stay. Check out is 2 pm which is awesome as it gives you enough time to shower and get yourself sorted before going on the road again. I decided to get a late coach back as well, which meant that after checking out I was able to get a nice meal and then head on my way in a leisurely way.


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