If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

I think it is fair to say – I am always hungry. It is really important for me to have snacks especially when I am on the move, seeing as this Summer I am trying to explore as much as I can and submerge myself in as much nature as humanly possible, it has been imperative that I have taken snacks with me, as I am never sure where the nearest cafe/restaurant will be.

Preparing your own snacks for days out is also a great way to save money, especially as eating establishments in the middle of nowhere know that you they have the monopoly and can charge whatever they like. That is why I want to share with you what I take on my walks to show that it doesn’t have to be boring food, it can be delicious and healthy and won’t cost you too much either. If you are going away for a long time then variety will also help to ensure you are not bored with your lunches so don’t be afraid to switch things up!

Starting with sandwiches, there is nothing wrong with an old fashioned sandwich, whether you want to pack it full of salads, faux meats or both, I always like to add some pickles, or pickled beetroot, which are so cheap and can transform a dull sandwich to one that packs a bit of a punch on the palate.If you want spice, then mustard is super cheap and will do the job. I like to use Vbites chicken style slices in my sandwiches for a bit of a twist but you can add whatever you like.


Once you have made your sandwiches you are going to want something savoury to go with them, this is where the crisps come in and quite frankly, I love so many that it really is hard to suggest where you should start but I really love Leighton Brown’s Beetroot crisps with Horseradish & Dill as they are probably the best crisps I have ever had. They are beautifully purple to start with, the beetroot gives it usually much-loved sweetness and the dill and horseradish just add so much flavour with heat and herb sensations tickling your taste buds, these are adult crisps. These are the kind of crisps you would scatter into a bowl at a sophisticated gathering, or if you’re like me and don’t tend to socialise then just tilt your head back and fill your mouth with them. Either way, these are my crisps of choice on any walk. You can pick them up at Holland and Barrett, I warn you though, they will soon become your favourites and you may become a slight crisp snob.


If you are looking for a savoury snack different to crisps then I would suggest another favourite of mine, Eat Real’s organic veggie straws, these are an array of coloured straws and slightly salted, they are so delicious and give had a really nice texture to them, perfect for sharing. They are great to rip open and plonk in the middle of your lunch. I also like to dip mine in houmous.

Speaking of houmous, this is always a winner when walking, you can pack it with lots of hearty veggies to dip whilst walking or stop and enjoy the view whilst munching away, either way, this is always a great option and so cheap!


When it is time for something sweet there are many options, sweets and biscuits do usually feature in my backpack all year round, as I tell myself I could get snowed in (to the park) at any time, so it is best to carry at least 10,000 calories at all times. If you are slightly more rational than I am, then I recommend balancing out the sweet treats with some healthier options that are just as delicious, if not more. I love Urban Fruit because all of their fruit bags are so yummy and they are such a good thing to have with you to make flapjacks and cakes with or to eat by themselves. I like to take a few packets with me and eat them as I go for a nice sweet refreshment. I love all of them but I really love the mango, as it is sweet and just the right amount of zing to keep me going!


I am very fussy when it comes to popcorn and will only eat certain brands every once in a while I like to eat some of Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn which is delicious. I love their cinema sweet but if you are more prefer salty then who am I to judge? They also make the most delicious dark chocolate popcorn thins, which are also a very nice treat for when you come to a snack stop, if you have a flask of tea to hand then this is a match made in heaven!


It goes without saying that I always take plenty of water, I usually try to drink 3 litres per day so to carry that can be quite heavy, which is why I often drink plenty of water an hour or so before setting off and then carry around 2 litres with me, still heavy but not as heavy and if you divide it into smaller bottles you can balance the weight out in your bag. I always recommend a back pack for back sufferers like me, it means you can distribute the weight better and if need be carry it on your front to give your back a rest.


If you are planning on walking when it is not so warm, then it may be worth while to take a hot snack with you, now flasks can be great but they can also be heavy and lets face it no one finds an oven in the middle of nowhere, which is why I use Forestia’s self-heating meals. You will need water for this but it is so worth it! Their green lentil curry can be cooked anywhere, with its own ‘oven’ device packed into the box. They are delicious, super filling and who doesn’t want a nice warm meal when gazing at the stars!


Now, it may not be possible to lug an oven around with you but a cooler bag can be pretty light these days and they are so handy for when you want to carry things that are just so much better cold, such as BOL’s Japanese Salad Jar by BOL foods with Black Rice, Carrots, Edamame, Black Beans, Broccoli with a Soy, Miso and Ginger dressing. This is such a treat when you have been walking for a long time and if you carry in your cool bag will stay fresh and delicious for you to eat anytime. They come in the cutest tubs with a fork already inside and the salad dressing is in a separate pot, so it doesn’t-go floppy.

I also like to take full advantage of the sun and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible but have had sun stroke in the past and it is no fun for anyone, which is why I always recommend wearing a hat or something to cover the back of your neck and the top of your head. It will also help to keep you cool.


The last thing to remember when embarking on any journey is it is not a race! You are in your own lane, there is no speed limit if you need regular breaks…TAKE THEM! No one is going to tell you that you can’t, you are going at your own pace and that is all you need to be doing. Sit down and enjoy the view, that is what you are in nature for in the first place. Have fun and be safe and let me know of all the wonderful adventures you take this Summer!

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I will be posting some more meal ideas for around the campfire and on the move soon, so make sure you are subscribed to email updates! If you have any questions or would like to know more about what I eat when walking/hiking then feel free to drop me a message.

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