Trails Through Thornham Magna

I never thought that a place in England could be so beautiful, ignorant I know and certainly eye opening to think that from Liverpool Street, you could reach Thornham Magna in under 2 hours on the train and you would be in a sheer nirvana of nature.

Down trails encased by trees, mossy logs and the occasional pond were just the beginning of this incredible trail. Time stood still as I wandered through an unbelievable enchanted woodland. I feel like to understate these walks would not be fair, as they deserve to be explored but I also want to keep them to myself! This is a place fot all of those who are wishing for the stillness of mind and some silence to admire the wealth of wild life waiting to say hello, aperfect place for the Summer’s day stroll. 

I took some snacks with me along the way though also saw that they have 2 places to eat whilst on the walk. You can stop off at The Coach House which is right next to the walled garden, where you can buy some fresh vegetables. If you are over by the play area which is on the opposite side of the walk then you will probably be better to stop off at The Forge tea rooms with outdoor seating, where you can have a drink whilst enjoying the sun.


I took my own snacks as I like to be prepared for walks and be able to sustain myself whilst exploring, especially when walking for over 3 and a half hours. I will be blogging about what to take on long walks and please always remember to take water, especially on hot days.It is always nice to stop off at a cafe etc, but it can become expensive and this is why sometimes it is better to plan in advance and make your own and take it along with you, this also gives you the freedom to stop when you want,or if you are like me,eat while you are going along!

There are posts around the Thornham Estate that will tell you about the area you are in. There is the much history regarding the Henniker family and you can still see Thornham Hall as you walk around the estate.

Should you wander off the estate and along the footpaths you will be met with some beautiful landscapes and I also managed to find a telephone box that was, in fact, a book swap, a ‘novel’ idea if you will, ( I can’t help it!). The villages are like you would expect on a postcard with thatched cottages and a stream with mini bridges branching off to people’s houses. Then it was back down a long a winding road edged with trees and hedges and into more woodland. No cars in sight, still silent I walked along the forest and there I could see the route back to camp was approaching, time to put my feet up with a cup of a tea and smiling humbly at the wonderful day I had just had.

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