Superb Swattesfield (and Dave)

I had already had a preview of the landscape before arriving at Swattesfield, during my taxi ride from Diss and Thornham Magna. That was before I knew about the Thornham walks or Dave.

Before I go any further into describing this wonderful place, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the man who keeps everything ticking over – Dave, one of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met, not to mention hilarious and quick witted. He is the life and soul of this place and he will help with whatever advice you need, he is to hand to show you how the pizza oven works, he will tell you where to walk or what to see. Dave is fantastic and I am going to get #dave trending!

During my time at Swattesfield, I stayed in the Suffolk Haycart which was beyond adorable. It featured 2 double beds, a table and chairs and a wood burner.To the side of the cart, I had a canvas canopy to sit under where my table and chairs were and my outdoor kitchen, which housed gas stove, kettle, and all the cutlery, bowls, plates, cups and pans.At the front of the cart, was an open fire to cook on and a picnic bench to soak up the rays, as the beautiful field is a wonderful sun trap!

A short walk to the communal shower and toilets as well as the communal kitchen which also had a play area, for children at the front of the campsite and towards the back of the campsite, a gate that took you to the start of the walks. I walked for over 3 and a half hours one day and it felt like half an hour. The location of this place is absolutely beautiful.

For those who need to be on their phones or tablets, there is free wifi and the connection is really fast! There is a proper pizza oven should you wish to make the most of your culinary skills, unfortunately, I did not have the necessary ingredients to make one whilst here but will be making one for sure when I go back.

It is worth noting that they do get fully booked rather quickly so should you wish to confirm your slice of paradise it is best to book it a while in advance. Should you be disastrous at pitching tents, they can always pitch a tent for you ready for when you arrive. If you want some glamping in your life then why not stay in one of the pixie huts or better yet the Suffolkhay cart.

They also have bell tents with beds in should this be more your thing, I think this is a place that needs to be tried by everyone at least one, I guarantee you will want to go back.I found myself looking at their availability calendar whilst still there!

At night time, I chose to sit on the seat at the top of the hay cart steps and admire the stars, the sunsets here were also beautiful. This is a place to really get away from everything. The tempo of life is significantly more chilled and the atmosphere of this campsite shows it. Should you wish to camp then you are always welcome to take full advantage of the vast land and camp over the bridge towards the forest, though the main field is also wonderful. Dave has a shop on site, which came to a relief to me when I realised I had forgotten my beloved tea bags. It is a good job too because I loved sitting in the evenings with a cup of tea and enjoying the sound of birds as the sun set.

This place is truly magical it relieves any stress you may have almost instantly and has such a lovely energy about the place.I will be sharing the photos and more details of the walks that I went on during my stay but should you wish to go on any walks there, then do pop over to Dave and ask him for a map, as it will point you in the right direction of the cafes, walled garden and all the other lovely things to see on the Thornham walks.

As mentioned I did take a taxi from the station to the campsite, which was £15 each way and would highly recommend using Disstrict Cabs, as they were exceptionally helpful and prompt and I arranged for them to pick me up and drop me off and they were very good.

I had such a wonderful time at Swattesfield, I will never forget it. Dave was superb, the weather was perfect and the whole experience was amazing.I recommend this place to anyone who wants to get away from it all because you’ll soon forget you had a life out side of this campsite when you arrive!

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