Perfect Pizza at Paradise Slice

I prepared myself to taste good pizza at Paradise Slice, as I had read rave reviews and thought it only right I eat some myself to verify. They have a few different vegan pizzas, I have tried 4 and they were all pretty decent. I popped in to take a slice and then returned the next day to eat in and devour some more….mission completed!

The first slice I ever had was a takeaway slice, consisting of kale, red onion, sweet potato, artichoke, sundried and cherry tomatoes. If you didn’t already know, the slices are huge! So this flavour really needed to work throughout and I have to say they worked so well, the flavour combinations and the understanding of a vegans flavour expectations really impressed me.

Noura and her team are lovely! They are so friendly and when eating pizza to likes of my favourites Maxwell and Erykah Badu playing in the background, it was a place you could become very content, very quickly. Washing all the slices down with an ice cold Lemon San Pelligrino, this was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon down Brick Lane.

These guys have got their base down to perfection, they are perfectly cooked with a raised bubbly crust and the crisp base. This ran through all of the pizza and has to be the best base so far, it wasn’t too doughy or claggy, or thin and limp, it was somewhere in the middle!

They make their vegan cheese with cashews and they are all veggie based, so they do not use any vegan ‘meats’etc. They are working on a nut free cheese, but for me their Margherita was insane! It was delicious, not only was it exactly how you would be but the cashew parmesan made this salivatingly good.

They also have a kale and aubergine pizza that has a red pepper pesto to die for. It was so good I had to ask what it was when I was leaving as I couldn’t be sure if I had heard right the first time. This was a tasty pizza and the pesto really gave some zing to this delicious pizza. This was probably my favourite, though I could say that about all of them, at a given time.

I had a sweet potato and onion slice with a green pesto that had such an nice sweetness to it paired with the savoury crust and the tomato base sauce on these pizzas is just how I would want it to be, not overly bitter and not too sugary sweet, it complemented the veggies well and the pesto gave it some extra kick to bring everything together – YUM!

Overall, I was really impressed and will definitely be ordering a large pizza for my movie night. I would probably say the Margherita was the most impressive, because the cashew cheeses really gave this something special, though my favourite would be the pepper pesto pizza, as for me these flavour combinations were unreal.

If you are ever down BrickLane and want a slice of pizza and a low-key boogie, then this is the place to be heading! They are open until late and they are really speedy, so perfect for if you are starving! Also can order via Deliveroo, for those of you who are wanting a sweatpants kind of day.



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