Burrowing Through Burgh St Peter

When it comes to walking in the countryside, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by hay fields and woods? With picturesque windmills dotted around and a wealth of history whilst staying in Burgh St Peter, I had a lot to learn about.

I took a nice long walk down the country lanes and through a forest to join the public footpath and followed it for as long as the trail would allow me. Birds were chirping in the trees and I heard a snap of twigs beneath my feet only to find it was indeed a frog, there were lots of frogs in this marsh land and they were quite comical to see leaping around.
The fields here are vast and if you had a bad sense of direction like myself, you may wish to take a GPS with you to avoid getting lost, as they can look rather similar after you have been walking a while. I always recommend taking snacks and water when walking, as it means you don’t have to rush back if you get too hungry or thirsty and it can really extend the length of our walks knowing you have provisions! I will be posting blogs about what I eat when I am walking/hiking to give you some ideas of delicious and healthy snacks.

An afternoon can so easily be lost in a leisurely roam around Burgh St Peter, and should you stay in Brambells Glaping like I did it is a perfect way to spend your time, relaxing in the calmness of nature.

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