Bravo Brambells Glamping

Arriving at Brambells glamping site was quite a wonderful thing, the farm itself was vast and had a real sense of character and undeniable charm. The horses were the first animals to been seen, though there were ducks, chickens, pigs, cats and geese too. It was simply wonderful, for an animal lover such as myself to have little chickens around the places and cats that were so friendly, not to mention gorgeous.
Holly has been brilliant with communications prior to the trip and Tom made a wonderful host. He was very happy to show how everything works and where everything was, he was always around to answer questions about where to walk or give advice. He also offered for those who are staying to join in with feeding the pigs in the morning, though sadly even with nature’s cockerel alarm clock, I managed to miss this!

A short walk from the entrance, past the horses, pigs and chickens, began to reveal the pathway to the amazing yurt, with its own separate toilet, outdoor kitchen set up and of course a chiminea with a picnic bench to soak it all in.

It was so secluded here from the rest of the site that it was relaxing and so stunning. It really was breath taking, in a way that whenever I sat down with a cup of tea or gazed at the stars, it felt surreal. The silence was luxurious and made for a night of sleep that was clearly needed more than I had realised. The yurt itself was heavenly, with a double bed it was immediately like a home from home. It was so spacious and had a great feel to it, it was perfect. I would have loved to have stayed here for a week or so for the ultimate chill out.

The outdoor kitchen had everything you would need to make most meals, it was such a cute design with the utensils hanging up and the real kitchen cupboard housing all of the cutlery, pots and pans and of course plates, bowls and cups. It was such a treat to cook here and made it feel like you really could live here, (I would if I could).

The facilities were immaculate, as you had you own personal bathroom which came complete with a shower and sink as well as hooks to hang all of your towels in etc., perfect for making your own during your stay. This was a great facility as it meant that you could enjoy the shower at anytime and leave wet towels,toothbrushes, etc., in the bathroom. The shower was lovely and warm and the decoration was so well thought out in this bathroom, complete with little plastic duckies to keep your company whilst have a sing along in the shower.

Should you not be so compelled by nature you wish to use the outdoor toilet by your tents, there is another one by the shower rooms which might be a little closer to your home comforts. Both toilets are eco toilets so either way you will be just as eco friendly.

There is a communal kitchen where a microwave and the fridge freezer can be found  with a wonderful view whilst washing up, this for me was such a great idea, it made washing up a pleasing affair which, let’s be honest is usually a chore.

I admired their wonderful eco approach to a glamping site, with eco toilets and solar powered lighting in the yurt and around, as well as of course, their evident recycling system. They send out the right message and I think this works so well as the solar lights are so beautiful and the whole campsite has been designed in such a way, this eco friendly site is exceptional.

They also had some fresh plums that they grow themselves for the taking and so I used these to make a delightful plum crumble type…thing. It was great, such a nice thing to cook with fresh ingredients, especially being vegan, freshly picked fruit is always a bonus!

There is a herb garden featuring most of the herbs you would need to cook up something delicious and it is all for your picking, I would recommend making the most of these offerings whilst there, as they really add an organic addition to the trip.

Should you wish to embrace the great outdoors, there are some walks that I will be covering in my next blog, so check back for that as the area is filled with farm lands and marshes and is a great place to get away from it all, whether you’re a stroller or prefer a horizontal life pause, relaxation is a must here and the pace of life here will force you to slow down and enjoy yourself.

It is worth noting that as I arrived by train, I did have to arrange a cab to come and get me from Haddiscoe, which was approximately 20 mins away from the glamp site and £15 each way. It is worth pre booking as the station is in the sticks and you will have a job getting from the station without transport. I used Town and Country, who were very good, I arranged my return journey arriving to avoid any hassle. There is not much in the way of shops close by for those on foot either, so I would recommend making the most of your culinary skills during the trip, not only for convenience but also because it add to the sense of adventure and being out in nature.

I would recommend this site to those who want to get away from it all, it really is out in the sticks with the rare opportunity of silent nights and fresh produce to concoct delicious dishes with be it family favourites, or new attempts, this is a place where memories are made and never forgotten.

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