Piglet On The Move

Having always been a camper but never a glamper the world of possibilities I left to be a complete mystery until arrival. I don’t often like surprises but on this occasion I thought it necessary! I have been wanting to travel the beauty spots of England for such a long time and Europe is a place I have explored to an extent but wanted to travel in a better way, by better, I mean more thorough. I am not a museum goer nor am I am pool lounger, I sit firmly in between in the indecisive realm I call my life.

I want to document every part of my journey so shall be blogging about each part separately, that way those who are wishing to discover great places to stay can read about this, whilst others who intend to discover beautiful walking trails can read about those, of course I will be sharing what I ate, well, as much as I wish to disclose, midnights snacks are confidential.

As I have just started my adventures, I thought it best I explain how I intend to blog before going about explaining where I have been. I have been travelling entirely by rail so far, though intend on travelling via coach to Europe as airports are fussy places, and I dislike queues. It also makes the travel element cheaper and there is far more to see!

When camping/glamping I usually take enough food to feed me for twice the length of the journey, reason being, I walk a lot and this justifies the significant calorie in take, I also try and travel on a budget because although I like to review food and eat well, it can be expensive to buy sandwiches on the move, especially when they take moments to make and can be customised to the mood of the day. I like to pack sandwiches, biscuits, crisps and of course water, for every walk I take. I have tried to capture what snacks I have also but sometime hunger is faster to than the camera.

Starting around the Norfolk area, I have been making my way through Burgh St Peter, Thornham Magna and will be heading to Saxmundham and Bury St Edmunds. I will also be heading to Holland, Spain and France, with the view to cover other countries should this be the will of the universe.

I will shortly be posting about my first two trips and if you haven’t already then please do pop over to my Instagram page where I will be posting the views from my walks,  what I eat and of course, the wonderful places I have stayed.

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